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Laproscopy tomorrow.. Any advice?

Hi All, I'm pretty new to this but have found all of your posts really helpful. I'm going in for my first laproscopy tomorrow and am starting to panic. Was fine all along but having read the information given by the hospital it's quite overwhelming to say the least. My biggest fear is that they won't find anything and I'll be back to square one! I've had all the tests under the sun done already and this really is my last hope at a normal life! I'm 26 and have been suffering with pains since I was about 14. These pains became unbearable and daily for the last year. I recently lost my job as a result of being off so much (at least a couple of days a month) which in recruitment doesn't go down too well. I'm starting a new job on 5th September and am hoping I'll be fully recovered by then. It'll be just under two weeks from my op.. Does anyone have any tips on recovery or what to expect? I live in London with all of my family back in Ireland so don't have much of a support network here other than my boyfriend who has been great through all of this. I'm just wondering what your experiences have been and if you have any advice at all?



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Hi Linda

Although you are away from your family in Ireland the good aspect to being in England is that you have access to NHS Choices and can see who you want should the need arise. This doesn't apply in Ireland and treatment options can be very limited and often inadequate when it comes to endo. At this first point in what may or may not become an endo journey it is important to gain knowledge to enable you to take control of your treatment. I assume you will be having your lap done in general gynaecology and the skill and endo knowledge of general gynaecologists can vary enormously. Endo can be found in any location of the pelvic - it can be found elsewhere too - but at this stage your main aim is to ensure your pelvis is searched thoroughly. Some women will be told they don't have endo when the subsequent operative report confirms they didn't look beyond the ovaries and tubes. Endo can then remain hidden unfound. Have a look at my post on the diagnostic lap and read it a few times so you are really familiar with the procedure they must follow and all the places they must look. I should have a copy with you and confirm with the surgeon prior to your lap that this will all be done.

Can you describe your symptoms and whether they are just at period time or at any time, whether or not you feel they are connected.

Others will be able to advise better on the hospital experience itself. Recovery depends very much on the individual and whether anything is 'done'.

How nice to have a 'youngster' called Linda. There are so few of us around!



Thanks so much for that info. It's really helpful! I've screenshot some of the main points in your post so I can discuss them with my surgeon tomorrow. I am quite glad to be in England and be under the NHS, it would just be nice to have some family here as support. It was first suspected Crohn's disease however all of my tests came back negative. I have always suffered from very bad period pain but since October last year the pain has been pretty constant and unrelated to my periods however pain is always worst during my period. I get constant cramping which is awful and sometimes means I can't get out of bed. I sometimes Yelp out in pain and have to stop in the middle of the street until the cramp subsides. I am a size 6 and have been offered seats numberous times on the tube as I can look 6/7 months pregnant at times with my bloating which is so embarrassing. I'm young and like to go on a lot of trips and things and since this all started I can't even look forward to anything as I don't know how I'm going to feel at the time. It's really getting me down and I just want this to end so I'm really hoping for the best that tomorrow will go well and that they will be able to perform treatment and I can have a normal life again!

Thanks so much for the advice. I'm just getting very nervous about tomorrow and want to have it behind me!




My top tips for recovery are peppermint tea and/or windease to help release any trapped gas from the op (this can be painful).

Expect your tummy to feel sore, it's best not to use your tummy muscles to sit up from lying for a few days. I find it easier to be propped up in bed/sofa on pillows and cushions to make the transition from lying to getting up easier.

You may feel nauseous/dizzy after your op, particularly immediately after your op and when you first try to walk to the bathroom - make sure you don't try to do this on your own as you could fall.

Most importantly, make sure you rest and take your time in your recovery. Don't rush yourself. It's good to get mobile as soon as you can on the day following your op, having short walks around your home/garden but take it easy.

Good luck, I found the whole experience far better than I expected but there are difficult moments, both physically and emotionally and it's important to give yourself the time you need X

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Hey Hun,

I'm new to this but reading your post is similikar to me X

I'm booked in next Thursday for first laparoscopy X

How are you doing?? Xx


Hi Nicky,

It was actually much better than expected. All the doctors and nurses were amazing and really put me at ease. The one big thing for me was not having anyone there when I woke up but I understand that's hospital policy. I was lucky as I was the first in, got to the hospital at 7.30 and did all the usual checks and got gowned up etc and was given my anaesthetic by 8.30 and it was all done by 10.15. I did wake in quite a lot of pain but was given painkillers straight away which quickly took care of that. I brought my phone in and left it in my dressing gown which I'm very glad I did as the doctors spoke to me as soon as I woke up and I wouldn't have remembered what questions to ask but I had written them in my notes in my phone. I text my boyfriend everything they said straight away as I knew I would probably forget (which I did) so that would be my main advice.

I was able to go for a short walk last evening albeit I was moving very slow it definitely did me good. I was very thirsty afterwards so make sure you have plenty to drink and bring a bottle of something with you for the journey home(nothing fizzy) and try to avoid roads with lots of speedbumps! Sounds silly but was quite a difficult journey home for me yesterday! I'm feeling much better today. Had bad pains in my shoulders yesterday from the gas they put in but I put a hot water bottle of mine and took painkillers which really eased it. I'm able to move around much easier today and am surprised at how good I am given that I only had the surgery yesterday.

I had the laproscopy with endo removed near my bladder so not sure if everyone's experience will be similar to mine but hope this helps. Honestly the thought of it is the worst part! I'm so relieved that they have found the root of my problem and hopefully fixed it that I don't mind this short term pain!

Hope you get on ok. Xx


Hi Linda, thanks for the advice X good to hear your doing OK after it, I've made a note of taking a drink and someone else said about a pillow for journey back X

Fingers crossed you will be pain free soon xx


Hi Linda - I just read this chain and am so happy to hear you're doing well and they got to the bottom of it! My first lap is in October and I've already started to panic about it. Good to know that you're feeling quite well after just having the surgery.

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