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First lap tomorrow

Well today is the last day without lap scars. Why do drs let us go through laps if they can't actually treat endo? From what I've heard and seen on here they make the pain worse?! I thought the laps were to help us with the pain! I am just very nervous and can't talk to people I know because they don't understand the pain or fully what it is. Essentially all of us with endo are internally bleeding because let's face it where does the blood go???

Take care everyone. x

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Hello the dr has to do a lap and they can treat it. It all depends where your endometriosis is and how bad it is. I've had 2 over 7

years and I had instant pain relief with both after I recovered. Everyone is very different try not to get an idea of how it is going to be for you. Go for your lap and be as relaxed as you can, its good to get it officially diagnosed so just think of that xxx


Laps can be a huge help. Firstly they allow the Doc to map all the locations.

The surgeon can cut back the adhesions freeing up the organs that have stuck together so hopefully they can work better - ie the bowel and bladder.

Any cysts can be removed giving a great deal of relief from pain.

Endo lesions which are removed and hopefully many will be, are no longer able to shed their linings and bleed each month causing pain when that blood irritates other places because it is trapped and cannot escape. That's what causes pain endo pain and sets off adhesions to grow. adhesions can cause pain too and restict function of things.

Barriers can be put in place to protect organs from adhesions sticking them next to other essential organs.

Stents can be put in to keep the tubes that run from the kidneys to the bladder, working as tubes and not getting squashed so they no longer work.

If you are not familiar with how endo and adhesions work and what they can do then its not surprising you are not aware of how much good can come from surgery to preserve the function of organs and also in many cases preserve your fertility too.

Any endo or adhesions on or around the ovaries or fallopian tubes threatens to stop any ova from reaching the uterus and stopping any chnce of a natural conception.

The blood will eventually be reabsorbed back in to the body - but not before it has irritated other tissues and caused damage. And by the time it does that you are on your next period repeating the process. Think about a bruise - it bleeds in the skin, then over several days or weeks changes colours as the body is reabsorbing the blood back eventually the skin returns to its normal colour but it never happens overnight.

It is essential therefore that after any lap you take steps to stop the monthly bleeding by using BC pill packets back to back or the mirena coil - which reduce the number of periods you have each year and reduces the chance of new endo spreading from the shedding of endo cells with that period blood from travelling along the fallopian tubes and in to the tummy to nest wherever it wants to.

I would suggest you take some time in your post op recovery break to read up online all you can about the female human anatomy and endo and adhesions.

there are so many websites about this and the benefits of surgery on endo and adhesions.

It doesn't cure you from having endo or the chance that new endo will grow some time in the future - but to stop old endo and get rid of it is absolutely the best solution we have at the present time. Infact it is the only solution we have.

Everything else in terms of treatment is to reduce new endo from having a chance to take hold.

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I understand tooth sweet is relatively new to Endo but I think we should appreciate she is going by what she is picking up from all of us on here so she can't be shot down in flames for having an understanding based on our real experiences. In my opinion yes Laps are very beneficial but the truth is they do cause their own problems, at my last lap there was more areas stuck through surgery than Endo despite what the previous surgeon had done to prevent it. Unfortunately it's all swings and roundabout, I know someone who has said they will not have any more Laps no matter what her doctor says and uses natural medicines. Personally I opt for the lap as it's the only way I know what's going in inside me. As for external scars from a lap they are usually v small and fade so don't worry there. Try not to be nervous the chances are after recovery you will feel better and at least know what's going on. Don't push yourself after your op, take care and a tip from me is please ask surgeon to get as much air out of your stomach as possible after the op (why you have to remind is beyond me) there's techniques they can use which makes a big difference how uncomfortable you will feel after. Good luck and let us know how you get on x


Good luck ... it can some what feel some days whats the point but after a few weeks of your lap I am positive you will find some releif of pain sometimes that can make all the difference keep us posted :)


JulesUK thank you very much for understanding where i'm coming from. I understand it can be helped but not fully cured and that everyone is different.

So I had my lap yesterday, got home last night at 5pm. The surgeon came around to talk to me and said he didn't find any endometriosis and didn't remove the fibroid tumor. He isn't sure what the cause of my severe pain has been and has told me if the pain continues to go back to my gp.

Mrs-T2014 thank you for the reply.

Take care everyone x


I had this a negative lap had loads of test no positive results 12 years on I'm sat in bed in hospital today as just had my second lap with an endo specialist I drive 2 hrs to see him and Iv got excessive endo adhesions and cyist were found. You may also find an MRI scan beneficial as that can show up andeomyosis which mimics the symptoms of endo which would explain your negative results hope that helps a little x


Thank you, all of the symptoms I had were looking like endo and the pains have been getting so bad I feel my heart might give out. The surgeon I had was also the gyno I had went to see. I asked him whether he had any thought on what it could possibly be and he had said it could be something linked to IBS. I haven't ever had IBS butif the pain carries on i'm going straight back to the doctor.


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