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First post and would love some advice on how to cope with everything

Hi ladies,

Sorry this is such a long post...but I would really appreciate your help. I was diagnosed in January this year after a diagnostic laparoscopy with severe endometriosis on my left ovary and Fallopian tube. I also had a 10cm chocolate ovarian cyst and the fallopian was completely distorted and destroyed by the disease. I had open surgery last week to remove the Fallopian tube and chocolate cyst however in doing so they also found out that my other Fallopian tube and ovary is actually not connected to my womb and I in fact have two wombs! (The larger womb with the severe endometriosis and messed up tube and ovary and the smaller womb has a functioning tube and ovary) After hearing all this from my consultant he says there is no way I can get pregnant naturally now as unfortunately the good tube and ovary are the ones attached to the non viable uterus as it is too small. I didn't even know a woman could have two wombs! I'm also getting married this year and really struggling to come to terms with all this. I have been put on Zoladex for 6 months to help tackle the endometriosis but I am suffering from really bad hot flushes and sweats, back and hip pain as well as trying to recover from my open surgery where I have a large c section type wound. I feel such a mess right now I would really appreciate any advice or guidance on coping with this disease and/or someone who also has been diagnosed with two wombs.

Many thanks

S. Xx

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