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Constipation after laparoscopy


Hi all, i’m 4 days post-op now. 10 years of complete pain and agony and Endometriosis was found on my bowel, Fallopian tubes and pelvic walls. Also diagnosed with adenomyosis and my ovaries are enlarged with cysts (PCOS). Also was told I have tissue deep in my womb which can only be sorted once I have a family as he doesn’t want to interfere with that!

The most pain I’ve had has been from the gas in my diaphragm and shoulders but also have a lot of trapped wind and haven’t passed stools yet! Is this normal? How long post-op did it take for you to pass stools? I’ve been advised to take Laxido and Senna together. Has anybody taken these?

I’m so scared that when I finally do pass stools I will be in agony! Any help/advice will be much appreciated!

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Hi. I ended up taking quite a few laxatives before I was able to go. I think it was 3 days. I took Fybogel and Dulcolax. Try to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

I’m scared in case I take laxatives and it makes the pain worse. How painful was it for you to pass stools? After the first time, were you then able to pass stools normally or did you continue with laxatives?

helen87 in reply to jjinadu

I got a bit of discomfort after taking the laxatives but this passed when I had a bowel movement. I carried on taking them for a few days as although it definitely softened the stools, I still wasn’t going very regularly so wanted to keep things moving. The first one was uncomfortable but definitely got easier after that. Maybe worth consulting your GP if you’re concerned at all?

jjinadu in reply to helen87

My GP did advise me to take laxido and Senna but I was hesitant to take laxatives before finding out about other’s experiences with them post-op. Thank you for your help and advice! X

helen87 in reply to jjinadu

Hope you’re feeling more comfortable soon! xx

Prune juice works as a laxative - natural :) drink lots of water, eat fruits, you'll need to help get your gut moving. As long as you don't feel stuck you're fine for up to a week.

Take peppermint oil capsules for the trapped gas (health food shops, over the counter is too expensive) or peppermint tea. Weirdly it does work and all the nurses suggested it while I was recovering after my op

jjinadu in reply to farahziya

Thank you! I like the sound of the natural stuff! Will defo try it 😊

Chezzerl in reply to jjinadu

Hi had my op on Saturday and am finding prune juice and eating dried apricots keeps everything gently moving

O too was in constipation agony for 8 hours after my lap. They gave me an enema which didn't work. 8 hours later they gave me lactulose! Boy did it work! I think you can buy it from the chemist without prescription but ask them at the hospital to give you a prescription. It's good stuff and you only need a cap full. Don't need to much as you will be running to the loo and don't pass wi d unless your on the loo if u know what I mean! Lol x

It’s perfectly normal, ibuprofen co-codamol and codeine cause constipation x

Hi, in my experience a stool softener like laxido will make it much less painful. It simply acts to ensure more water is retained in the poo, preventing the horrible feeling of trying to pass rocks. I take something similar often and it makes my endo symptoms much better.

I’d be a bit more cautious about something like senna because it acts by causing irritation which triggers bowel movements. Of course occasionally that’s required but I find usually a stool softener together with plenty of water, fresh fruit and veg is enough.

Hope you feel better soon.

I've suffered really badly in the past and was constipated for 2 months following an op - my GP told me it was normal 🙈 What I found helped was prune juice and dulcoease (doesn't contain lactose if you're intolerant). Peppermint tea really helps gas and I find polos help me feel less nauseous. I used to take peppermint oil capsules but they can make acid reflux worse so keep that in mind if you're prone to it like me - for some reason peppermint tea is fine.

I was so scared too and even though it's uncomfortable the first time you'll feel so much better afterwards!

Hope you get some much needed relief soon.


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