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Endometriosis diagnosed

Can u lovely ladies help me ?? I was referred for a scan at hospital then to the gynaecologist, the gynaecologist put me on the pill and bleed constantly for four month so stopped taking it, back to hospital and they wanted me to have the mirena coil fitted which I didn't want but agreeed As they said it's that or I would have to have injections into ovaries to stop periods which would ease my symptoms which in turn would bring on a menopause, I have never had a proper diagnosis of endometriosis the doctor said I showed all the symptoms of it, I feel pressured into accepting the coil is this the only treatment options ?? What would u all do ?? 😕😕

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Hey there. You shouldn't be forced into any treatment you are uncomfortable with. This is a link to a good overview of all the main treatments.


There are oral progestogen alternatives to the mirena but they are typically thought less effective due to passing through digestive system and not being local application. Is there anything in particular that is a worry with the mirena?

If possible personally i would try at least one progestogen of some form before a chemical menopause GnRh option as that tends to have more significant side effects and is a powerful cancer drug.

I had both and the mirena almost worked while zoladex made me very sick. But you will doubtless find others who had the opposite experience as we are all unique and react differently.

Any hormone treatment needs 3 to 6 months to trial properly. The only way is to try each treatment in turn working up to the more hardcore treatments and figure out what is best for your physiology.

The other option is excision surgery, it can yield good results but that is not necessarily a silver bullet as it too can have unwanted effects (complications, adhesions, cyst formation, nerve pain, risk of recurrence)

Has surgery been discussed?

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You need to be diagnosed properly by having a laporoscopy. This should be done before you start any further treatment


You know your body better than anyone. However knowing the cause of your problems and getting a diagnosis is really important. Suppressing things and hormone treatment would only keep control of your pain until later down the line. Take care, I hope you get the answers you need xxx


I have endo comfired by operation, but i have had the merina coil inserted 3 years ago and pior to this i was bleeding none stop for 19 weeks without a days break but about a month after the coil was inserted the bleeding stopped and my periods stopped all together which i was glad about as i have seen enough blood to last a life time, also i have never had any problems with the coil and have been placed in the early menopause at the age of 26 because i had an ovarian cysts last year so on hrt to combat hot sweats and been pain free endo wise since last year and blood free for 3 years i would defo recommend the coil and it can be removed easily and since starting this treatment i was endo free on my last laproscopy hope this helps


Thankyou for your advice, my first visit to hospital I was put on pill if it didn't work the gyno said I would get the camera put through my stomach, pill didn't work so went back and was told the coil or injections in to ovaries, i really don't want the coil I haven't had a proper diagnosis, it was a different gyno that I seen on my second visit, so now if I want to go back I have to be referred by my doc again 😕 I should never of agreed to the coil when I didn't want it.


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