Endemetrioma = endometriosis?

Quick question. I haven't had a lap yet (having lap + cyst removed in a few weeks). The letter from my current gynaecologist to my GP says my cyst is an endemetrioma. My MRI report and a previous gynae who did a pelvic exam (but not TV scan) just called it a cyst. When I saw the current gynae, he did a TV ultrasound, but did not say to me afterwards that it confirmed or looked likely that I have Endo.

So just wondering, does 'endemetrioma' mean Endo?

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Endometrioma is endometriosis that exists in your ovary.

Endometriosis is on or in your ovary. Unfortunately, it is likely that you have more severe endo than the MRI is perhaps picking up. Endometriomas often indicate intestinal involcement. Good luck!

OK, so I guess that I do have Endo then.

The letter to my GP says that the cyst is probably adhered to the bowel, but the MRI shows no signs that it's IN the bowel. I hope that's the case. I'm having a full oral bowel prep before op. My gynae said they may need to remove bowel adhesions and there was a small chance of 'nicks' in the bowel and a small chance of colostomy. Not great, but I'm trying to focus on the fact that it's a small chance.

There was no mention of going in the bowel or removing endo on the bowel, just removing the cyst. Am i right in thinking that they won't get involved with actual bowel surgery at this stage? I have read that it's best to have bowel surgeon not a gynae if the bowel is involved..

A Gynacologist can do bowel surgery when it comes to endometriosis a lot of them do, however if it's a really bad case of bowel endo they might bring in another surgeon, don't worry they have doctors on call for a reason.

We have a very specific treatment pathway in the UK and endo involving the bowel must only be dealt with in a BGSE centre Hannah. Things are probably different in Canada.

Here they remove the endo from the bowel but will bring in another surgeon if there needs to be a piece of the bowel removed. At least from what I've heard.

In the UK the gynaecologists have to have undertaken at least two years' advanced excision training in order to operate on stage 3/4/RV endo, Regular gynaecologists aren't allowed to touch such severe disease. These specially trained gynaes work in centres where named colorectal surgeons and urologists work as part of the team.

On my Gynacologist's site who I've been referred to it says "Speacilizes in endometriosis removal" on the hospital site, does that mean he's a speacilist since he also does other gyn work such as delivering babies.

Thanks Lindle. This is being done in a BSGE centre. I've never even had a general anaesthetic before, so this is a bit weird for me - not knowing if I will be in for just the day or a few nights; will it be a lap or laparotomy etc etc. A lot of unknowns.

I'll pm you! Your experience is so similar to mine!!!


I am waiting on excision of Endo from pod, ligaments, para rectal and retrovaginal space. Had an appointment with bowel surgeon yesterday. They have to be on standby just in case of any problems. Bowel runs very close to all of these areas. Are you being seen by Bsge centre?

Yes, BSGE centre in Kent.

Good to hear.

Best of luck with it all x

I had the exact same thing. My dr had a very good bowel specialist in with him .

Good call

They knocked it

I was on a suction tube for a few days

The fact that that dr was there probably saved my life as I had lost a lot of blood.

Back then doctors knew less than now .

I was lucky enough to have a smart enough dr to be prepared and not let his ego make that decision

Get the best you can

You'll be ok

An endometrioma is endometriosis that's formed into a chocolate cyst due to blood being trapped within it.

Yes it sure does

I read that or I actually replied to that to quick .

They are somewhat related but not exactly the same

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