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Mirena Replacement

After much tooing and froing with the NHS since last August, I've finally has my Mirena replaced.

In the end i went private, so I'll be around £400 down but i cant explain how happy I am that it's sorted.

I was in and out in an hour and the consultant managed to retrieve my current Mirena when 3 other GPs couldn't.

Yes, it hurt a bit having it removed and replaced but tbh it was done so swiftly i was in shock when the consultant said the new one was in!

So at 48 that's me done and dusted until I'm through menopause. Hoo bloody ray 😉

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Glad you got there in the end. X x x

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You won't believe I haven't had a single pain or cramp post-insertion. Top consultant!

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Wow. So wish mirena worked for me ..... Stopping periods tick. Making me feel better null points.


I still get periods but they are so much more manageable/"normal" than the flooding and big clots I used to get x


Glad you are sorted now! I chickened out of my 3rd Mirena at 46 (I was almost hoping for a early menopause so I wouldnt have to think about a 3rd)

Both Mirenas have been great for me but I just cant bear the insertion & following agony & fallout! It takes a lot for me to go into a Drs, had v.bad experiences & lost all trust/developed a phobia - cant even see a metal instrument without going into panic.

Just to have he lasy one removed they had to drug me before, during & after otherwise I wouldnt have got through the door! And as you know removal is nothing compared to insertion.

Bravo you though, nice feeling that your are done & dusted, on your last turn so to speak! :)


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@jessiep This consultant was a whizz. I was being brave and didn't take painkillers so it was all deep breaths and trying to relax when it went in. Like you say, taking it out was a breeze. He held it up like a trophy, to show me and just laughing helped me relax. Also, I learned that putting the soles of my feet together and then opening my legs/dropping my knees, put my wonky womb in a better position for him to insert the speculum. The female GP I saw the appointment two weeks ago hurt me putting it in, I cried solidly for 15 mins and I'm a tough nut 😉

There is a real art in being able to relax your patient and inserting Mirena and as I now know not everyone has the gift.

Happy now! Roll on menopause 😉 x


Thats interesting what you say about the soles of your feet together cos I had a gyno nurse do it that way with me for the smear too (but also had to be sedated for my fear so that helped!)


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