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Procedure for removal of adhesions


Could anyone share their experience of surgery to remove adhesions? Was it open surgery or just the small incisions? How long did you take to recover maybe even Conceive?!

I am anxiously waiting for my appt to come through for our follow up at the fertility following Lap and Dye a few weeks ago. They were unable to see if the tube was open as severe endo / adhesions has the ovary and tube stuck out of sight I believe at the back of my uterus with adhesions also on my rectum bowel abdo wall among other places.

The surgeon said that she would recommend removal of adhesions by a specialist to try and free the tube and ovary and assess the damage before diving straight into IVF. I'm just wondering what I may need to prepare myself for and if there may be hope for conception without IVF

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I've only had adhesions removed after hysterectomy but expect the actual op is similar. It was done via keyhole and the adhesions looked like bits of string connecting organs together which were cut or lasered to break connections. Mine was done at same time as endo ablated and took about 2 weeks to recover enough to go back to work on reduced hours. After first day I was ok to take care of myself by cooking and making a cup of tea. Hope that helps


I had mine removed by laparoscopies, so much less invasive than the open surgeries we'be had x


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