Adhesions that cannot be removed .. what to do now

Hello there, I just wondered if Antione has been in the position where they've had any adhesions in areas where it's too dangerous to be removed?

I had my 7th Lap last Tuesday where they removed a cyst from my ovary and found more adhesions, but I have an artery running through one lot of adhesions and my uthera running through the middle of a band of other adhesions so they couldn't be removed :(

I just wondered if there's a specialist type of surgery that can remove them or if anyone's had this before?

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  • Sounds like you need a bsge specialist centre and expert excisionist as they are likely to also be ok on complex adhelioysis. I recently had adhesions removed that others had said were untreatable.

  • Hi Marcia, thanks so much for your reply did you request going to one of these centres through your GP?

  • .. also did you have to pay privately?

  • I got referred by GP. You can choose which one you want to go to and ask to be referred there.

    I did pay privately to see specific consultant to get things moving but NHS is fine too. I in fact had surgery on NHS as needed several surgeons and would have been prohibitively expensive private.

  • Thanks so much I'll speak to my dr about being referred - thank you that's very helpful

  • Hi. I'm in the same position or so they say. Bgse won't operate as too complex but I also suspect money is involved. Good luck

  • Hey, it's so hazy there's not clear cut answer is there but yes I agree on the money front. I have a follow up in July so I'll ask all the questions then as well. Thank you x

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