Removal of endo, advice?

Hello ladies! 

I hope you are all doing well, 

I have received my admission date to have my endo removed, 

I got diagnosed with endo in Feb 2015 via lap.

I have endo and adhesions in both ovarian fossa, and on right ovary due to having 8cm dermoid cyst removed 3 years ago (before i had endo), broad patch of endo and adhesions (bowel& womb stuck together) in pod, also endo and adhesions on both uterosacral ligaments and all over pelvic wall.

I know that I have to do a bowel prep too,

Any advice on what to expect on the day & after surgery? 

Bowel prep?

What to take to the hospital?

I'm hoping I will be out the same day but as I was diagnosed by general gynae my consultant wants to investigate my endo further so hopefully will know more after.

Thank you for reading 


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  • Hi Hun hope you're ok. If it's picolax you're having make sure you have some flushable wet wipes and some Vaseline. Helps with the soreness. I took my first sachet at 6pm. Nothing happened till 11pm . Was then on the toilet all night. Nothing happened after the 2nd one I had at 6am which was a relief. Make sure you take loose comfy clothes , pads Incase you have some bleeding and a book or magazine to help pass the time. Stock up on pain relief for when you get home and get some peppermint tea for the gas pains. It migh be worth asking GP for some stool softeners as I know your bowel is involved . They will make going a lot easier. When you get home make sure you get plenty of rest but also try to move around, even if it's just around home for five minutes every so often. It will help disperse the gas and helps with healing.  Hope you don't have too long to wait for op. Please let me know how it goes and that you're ok. Wish you all the best Jean.

  • Thank you for your reply Jean :) 

    I will definitely get everything you've said, I have to be at the hospital at 7:30 so I imagine I would have to start the picolax earlier on the Thursday? My op is on the 6th of May, 

    Thank you very much for the advice hunni!  It's very helpful, I will definitely let you know how I get on :) thank youuu xxx

  • Hi 

    You were diagnosed in general gynaecology but can I just check that this surgery is being done in a  BSGE endo centre. You have rectovaginal endo that must only be dealt with in a BSGE specialist endo centre where the surgeons have had advanced excision training and it would be against NHS regulations for a general gynaecologist to do this surgery. 

  • Yes it is definitely being done under bsge specialist . Xx

  • Yes, I just saw your replies on another post. I hope it all goes well. x

  • Thank you very much Lindle :) your posts have been a great help to me & many others I'm sure, you are great! & thank you, I will let you know how it goes :) op is on the 6th of May xx

  • Good Luck, I'm having a full hyster/BSO and all severe endo removed and bowel surgery on 29th April, was scheduled for 18th but was cancelled and rescheduled. As like you I have rectovaginal involvement, obliterated POD, 3 large endometriomas, fibroids, other cysts, suspected Adeno, double septate uterus with fibrosis, almost closed stenosed cervix, uterosacral ligaments involment, sigmoid colon and small bowel involvement which is affecting other areas, uterus stuck deep down in pelvis, rectum involment Inc nodule, felt in examination. To be honest a big mess in there. I had my diagnostic laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy done in May from a very good NHS gynie but he iknows a lot about endometriosis but has not have the expertise to excise the disease  but is very interested in becoming linked to the BSGE specialist after I sent him lots of information to him. I am having my surgery now with a BSGE centre gold standard specialist. I am 48 and also have PCOS. I will be put on a small dose of HRT 6 weeks after my surgery for 2 years until I'm 50, depending how bad I am he could stretch to 52. Unfortunately both my ovaries are damaged and both my consultants have said that being the age I am and the problems I have with them they really cannot be saved. I completely understand and even if they were to excise and cut away the endometriomas because my ovaries have had a wedge resection and drilling and other factors they are likely to be damaged. I am in truth extremely petrified about this major surgery and hope and pray that I will have my life back. My consultant reassured me that he will be able to remove all my endo. I also have a very good and experienced Colorectal Surgeon in on my surgery also. Until he gets in there he won't really be able to have a clear picture as he didn't do original lap/hyster, but going on diagnosis, MRI and both ultrasounds and symptoms. I have not had GNRH injections as had them previously in 2003 for my PCOS prior to surgery to shut down my ovaries I had the most horrific side effects. I hope you also get the help and Good Luck keep us all posted Sarah xx

  • Just want to wish good luck for your op. You'll be fine Hun. 

  • Oh my god! You are going through a very rough time! I'm so sorry the hear that you are having to go through all this!  :( I really do hope that they can sort you! I'm so glad you have got some really good doctors to help you! I'm not surprised that you are scared hunni! I think I would to be honest, I really do hope you get your life back and I wish you all the luck in the world! Please let me know how you get on! Good luck hunni! Xxxx

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