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Can a lap cause adhesions?


Me again, just read something about adhesions after a lap, is this a high risk if its just investigative surgery? If I'm going to see if I have adhesions due to potential endo, I don't want to cause more! I am already wanting to cancel this op, the idea of putting myself at risk of more adhesions is seriously convincing me! x

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Not 100% sure on the likely hood of adhesions forming so I shan’t comment on that but there is a lady on here called Allweneedisluv don’t know how to tag people on here, she introduced me to a natural remedy called serrapeptase, I’ve been taking it since my lap and the idea is that it reduces any scar tissue etc, if you can find her, id ask her about it, she’s an absolute pro on the stuff and my explanation really wouldn’t do the serrapeptase justice x

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Thank you I shall have a look! x

Adhesions happen no matter surgery takes place, a laparoscopy will reduce the amount of adhesions you get whereas if you had a laparotomy it would be likely that you’d get adhesions. A lot of adhesions were found when I was diagnosed with endo and I have never had surgery on my abdomen. Every time we have a period we will most likely develop adhesions because it is just scar tissue due to inflammation x

My guarnatolgiest told me he put in some special liquid in after he removed endo and detached my bowel from my womb to help stop scar tissues from forming (it also suppressed a lot of the gas as well which was a bonus) maybe ask and see if your guarnatolgiest does the same?

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My bowl was sticking to my womb too. I had a total hysterectomy in 2015 x

I think there’s a risk of adhesions with any surgery as it’s going to cause scar tissue. However with endo you have a higher risk of developing these anyway even without surgery.

In my first lap last year, they found a lot of adhesions which had fused some of my organs together. I’d never had surgery before this and now know it was actually likely caused by my endo (they missed that first time round). Still waiting for my follow up after my second lap last week to confirm what was actually going on in there but by the sounds of it, I don’t think my adhesions had reformed after the initial surgery to separate them, or at least not to the same extent x

Hi, yes they can. I wasn't told about this. I was simply told I needed a lap to remove my tubes to improve my chances of ivf working due to my age. They told me that they found endo and sent some off to the lab etc. This was the first time I was diagnosed with Endo, and not simply "you have ibs etc". Although it was 'peace of mind' and I felt better I had an answer I think I've known in my head for years what it was anyhow.

I had no pain for about a year and felt fantastic and thought I was 'cured'. However for the last 4 years my monthly pain has been getting progressively worse - leading up to and during my period. I'm now on the pill continuous. When I went to the GP she said it was 'adhesions from previous lap' and they always carried a risk. Even though I wasn't told.

Please be careful of this. As welcome as it is to have an answer I wouldn't put this pain on anyone. I can't even use the bathroom for a number 2 properly without struggling and pain since surgery. This was never an issue before. They have offered me 'mesh' but I've been doing my research and this time it's a "no". Please be careful, if you have "bearable pain" think of ways to live with and manage it. Even if all Endo is removed I hear it can come back with vengance anyhow.

Wishing you all the best. I personally wish I hadn't had my laps. One to remove tubes and other for Endo diagnosis. Never felt myself since and no... ivf never worked 5 times for us.

All the best. xx

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Hi music1 I'm so sorry to hear what a time you've had, this is what worries me, you get told some risks but not the ones that could happen way down the line! I don't want false hope and the only people I know personally who have had a lap only had one last year, no guarantee they won't have issues too. I don't want to make matters worse for the sake of a diagnosis, especially seeing as there is no cure and treatment is risky if I do have endo, also all they may do is offer me the pill or fake menopause anyway which my body can't tolerate (been there done that got the HRT Tshirt) as much as everyone is telling me to get it over with, I don't know whether that's such a good plan and perhaps waiting may be a better one. Thank you for your response it's good to hear from the other side of opinion on lapa, I hope your pain goes or can be managed as soon as possible! xx

Hi Telli686, I'm sorry I can only give you my experience. I would love to say it will be fantastic and you'll never have any problems etc. I was, in no pain and feeling fantastic for the best part of a year. I honestly thought I was 'cured' lol. I think in all honesty, I've know from the age of around 20, or at least suspected in the back of my mind that I had Endo, but although they offered a lap (which is the only way to diagnose Endo) I was also told that they couldn't do much if it came back that I had it... as I'd always have it, However, they could then offer the pill which would/ could have it's own probs. I only had my first lap to remove my tubes (which were damaged by Endo). I keep thinking maybe if I'd been diagnosed earlier they could have saved them, but in reality the first 'laparoscopy' will just be to diagnose the Endo. They don't get rid of it. I believe you have to keep going back for it to be removed, and pref by an Endo specialist. My ivf clinic refused to offer me ivf without me having the surgery first - to remove my tubes. This is when they recognised it. Saying that, they said that they would only have put me on the pill earlier to 'hold it back' a bit longer. If it was me, and I was in so much pain and unable to cope each or every other month and it was having an impact on my life I'd poss go for the lap, get diagnosed and then ask if they could 'get rid of it' at intervals if it got too bad etc. If you have no pain, or you can cope and it's not impacting your life, then I wouldn't go ahead with the lap to just get told 'you have Endo'. I would tell yourself you have it anyhow, and read up on suggestions of diet, pain management and anything more about it that might help. As I say, I did feel really good initially, and maybe my IVF attempts have helped it 'flare up' or ?? But I do genuinely have pain every month for upto 2 weeks which I manage with Tramadol 50mg. When I said to my GP at the last 'review meeting' she said my pain was prob due to adhesions from surgery. I paid £3000 to go private with a specialist for my surgery as well. I do wish you all the best. It's not an easy decision and I think it depends on other factors such as your age, pain etc. I just commend you for doing your research and asking for others opinions and experiences etc. I wish you all the very best. Fingers and toes crossed for you xx

All surgery can cause adhesions as others have said but equally sometimes surgery is needed to remove endo spots which are causing adhesions and also to cut away adhesions themselves which are impacting on your organs. So it's just one of those things you have to weigh up - I've only had one lap but in my mind it was worth it as one of my ovaries was attached to my pelvic wall via adhesions caused by endo on my pelvic wall. So it needed sorting or it would have just continued to get worse and could have really damaged my ovary. Good luck with it all x

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