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Painful sex

Hi guys, just wanted to check if what I am experiencing is normal endo symptoms. I had my lap to remove my endo tissue in August 2016 and although the bleeding and pain is better, I still get pain during sex and sometimes afterwards. Do many people experience this too? I have had all the tests for infections etc and it's all negative. I went to see my gynaecologist today and she told me to take some ibuprofen when I think I might have sex and that unfortunately it's something I might have to live with. I feel really fed up, and it's effecting my relationship because I'm worried to have sex.

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Know that feeling all to well and didn't feel I could talk to my husband because he was already worried about hurting me. I tried to make sure I had pain killers prior to sex (not always possible I know). We worked through a few positions cause some are definitely better than others. Also found the pain wore of about half an hour to an hour afterwards. Otherwise I just gritted my teeth. Sorry I can't offer any other tips. I was really worried myself.


I get it with deep penetration during pelvic exams and it makes my pain worse a few days later. But I have heard of a numbing cream you can ask your doctor to prescribe it's the same stuff they put in your mouth during dental work.

If it's not from deep penetration it can be due to pelvic floor dysfunction which is common with endo patients since we clench our pelvic floors from pain all the time.

Aim for positions with shallow penetration.


Hi - its a yes from me and I second all the other ladies replies, unfortunately its another sympton of this disease but - i also have a very caring husband - pain killers are the way to go I think - sorry :0)


Thanks ladies, it's nice to know I'm not alone. Appreciate the advice x


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