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Practical Pain Relief for Painful Sex Required


I'm new and I've been reading with a mixture of relief, comfort, concern and interest the posts on here. My Endo related health problems over the years have resulted in sex becoming impossible. The sheer agony is something I don't wish to repeat and unfortunately is something that is now a real issue and is affecting my relationship with my husband. I need your practical help not empathy and am hoping you can suggest what I can do or take for the pain to get me through...and you never know, maybe even enjoy sex again.

I take Tramadol and Mefenamic Acid for the period related Endo pain but this doesn't work for the deep tissue pain I feel during sex. I have read information on the Wurn technique used in Clear Passage Therapies described and practised here and they have some centres/Practitioners in Canterbury and London. Has anyone tried this? I also read that some women have used Lidocaine to numb some of the entrance area but again, no good for deep tissue pain. Extra lubrication isn't enough and I need some further practical advice and recommendations.

Please please please can people recommend practical help to ease the pain of having penetrative sex.

Thank you

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Hi there I have exactly the same problem and I actually posted asking had anyone heard of the Wurn technique and they actually don't have much to back up their claims and the cost is extortionate for what they are offering , I think to myself now days, if something sounds too good to be true it probably is, I have yet found no oain relief for pain during intercourse, only that pain in different positions varies greatly , the coil is supposed to be very helpful but I have not yet tried it , Goodluck, I hope we both find an answer x

Here is my original post x

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Thanks for this. It's a real worry. x

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I'm sorry to burst any ones bubble I have had the coil in for nearly a year now and sex is even more painful to me. I have all the same pain the only thing it has helped with for me , it I'm not flooding and having the huge clots ,I'm sorry for the tmi. I consider every month having it took out as I now I have the added bonus of acne and headaches mood swings etc the doctors just persuade me to keep in in saying if it stops my period completely it will end the endo symtoms but so far they are as bad as they have always been. Truth be known I can't believe my partners still here it Tryed one night to be spontaneous just wanted to feel normal sexy like a women should 2 days I was in bed for on codeine,heat bad and now I'm too scared to even try I back off from him with any kind of affection because I don't want to lead him on and then reject him not only to I live a life of pain but I feel nothing but guilt with it. I'm really sorry I can not give you more practical advice because I'm in the same boat and I'm not saying the coil won't work for others but I just wanted you to know it does not work for everyone it has not worked for me.

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I know, it's awful. I'm going back to my GP tomorrow to get a referral into an Endo Centre not far from me. I hope they can offer practical advice. Anything at all I learn, I'll post on here. x


Hi, I've had a Laparoscopy a couple of years ago but not sure this improved things and think it may have aggravated things further. I know people on here talk of "stages" which I'm unfamiliar with. Infact, I don't know how bad mine is or where it is as I think it changes fairly rapidly. I was told a couple of years ago that the Endo found during the Lap was "moderate" but the pain I feel is anything but.

I have had fertility investigations for the last 3 years and I was found to have Endo cysts on my left ovary. These were removed and my left ovary died. The discomfort I feel during the transvaginal scans that are conducted as part of the fertility investigative process point to Endo and scar tissue around the pouch of Douglas. I have since found to have 3 'simple' fluid filled cysts on my right ovary.

However, it's the day to day management of Endo that is causing me issue not the sub-fertility. Endo is impacting my relationship with my husband which utterly devastates me and I am struggling to get practical help on how to manage this.

I am going to my GP again tomorrow to try and get referred to an Endometriosis Centre near me that I've just heard about through another post on here.

Hi from research I have done, endo is not something that can be judged by what stage it is,there are women with stage 4 that doesn't have the same agony that someone at stage 2 has. It can depend on where you have it. Kx

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Yes, I think that's the case too. x


Hi, thanks for your prompt reply. This is great.

I think I'm a little further along the road. I have copies of all my notes as I suffered with complications following my lap (surgeon sliced through an artery and didn't notice. I bled out for 2 days. Had emergency blood transfusion. Almost died. Took 1 month to start feeling human and about 6 months until I felt normal again.) So my history is long and complex as it has that added confusion.

There are limitations as to what the GP can do for me as I'm undergoing IVF investigations (on hold as I have cysts currently) but I do have specific questions to ask him that he may be able to help on concerning support locally.

I'll look at your past posts. Thanks again.


Oh my days I'm having lap on Monday , I really do hope my surgeon is better than yours, you poor thing x


Trust me, he couldn't be worse. You'll be fine. It's apparently quite rare. Lucky me!

Good luck. xx

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