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Pain BEFORE sex

Hi all, lately I have had what feels like cramps in my abdomen and down my thighs as I become aroused. Sex is always painful and I end up having the cramping sensation for hours afterwards. Even when I don't have penetrative sex I still have these pains. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis 4 years ago and have been on the contraceptive pill for years. I'm thinking that the pains might be caused by the hormones? It's ruining my sex life and my partner is very understanding but it's just upsetting. I might see about getting the mirena coil in the hope that this helps, with this and everything else that comes with endo. Has anyone else suffered the same? Everything I look up is about pain during and after sex. Thanks.

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Hi yah, im on no meds at all except paracetamol for my pains.. But I also get sharp crampy pains but mainly after orgasm. I have a cyst on ovary and still waiting for lap. I am nearly always in pain due to cyst and bleed during/after sex. Hope this somewhat helps?gl


I've had a laparotomy and a laparoscopy in the past few years and actually have 2 dermoid cysts in my right ovary just now. A few months ago I got cervical tissue cauterised (takes 5 minutes) the doctor said it would stop the bleeding but wouldn't help with the pain :( apart from the 3 days of bleeding after the procedure I haven't bled as much after sex since.

I hope you feel better after your op, endo is horrible and so unpredictable! Xxx


Hi - sorry to read your post - it may well be due to endo in what is called the Pouch of Douglas (this is also referred to as rectal/vaginal space) as this can severely interfere and cause pain. Bowel problems also. I had this and the pain would come on ad hoc and at first I thought it was constipation pain, albeit I didn't think I was - it progressed to feeling like I had been kicked by a horse in my groin area causing me to have to be doubled up. Sex had been painful too over the years unless careful re position so it all made sense. It may not be PoD endo in your case but, as you have been diagnosed with endo in the past, might be worth having a discussion with an endo specialist consultant. Another possibility is adhesions from prior surgery but seems unlikely as it is a more recent development.

Taking contraceptive pill is a great help with pain for many and is a way of dealing with it for a time but to be honest - eventually the only way to deal with endo is to have it removed by excision surgery.

GPs see endo as a 'women's condition' and will refer you to the local hospital gynae regardless of what they happen to specialise in within that spectrum. They usually have a wide string to their bow; endo often being a tag on to obstetrics / fertility / menstrual problems etc. Where a consultant has gone on to specialise in endometriosis, they tend to be known as Endometriosis specialists rather than a General Gynaecologist. Obviously those now classed as Endo specialist also have the designation of OBS GYN under their belt but have progressed on to have undergone more specialised training.

Unfortunately I learnt this the hard way, as have many ladies.

It may feel scary but worth getting your pain checked out by an endo specialist consultant as it will help you to know the cause rather than speculate and put your mind at ease and provide you with options to help get your pain sorted.

I wish you all the best

Love Fran x

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Hi Fran, thank you so much for your reply. I've had a laparotomy and a laparoscopy in the past 3 years to remove cysts and endo tissue....and after a recent scan I now know I have 2 dermoid cysts in my right ovary but the doctor is leaving them for the moment as they are quite small. I never knew about the pouch of Douglas so I'll look that up! At my last hospital appointment I had cervical tissue cauterised and I'm not quite sure how that was supposed to have helped with anything! It hasn't!

I think one of the hardest things is how unsympathetic some doctors can be so your input and support is very much appreciated :)

Nic xxx


Sorry to hear you're not doing too well.

I know exactly what you mean. However, the difference with me was that I got that pain when I had the mirena coil fitted. I had pain before, during and after sex when I had the coil. (sorry in advance for the TMI) Orgasms were like someone had just stuck a knife in me, incredibly painful.

I've since had the coil removed and sex is actually fine now.

Having said all of that, everyone is different and what doesn't work for one lady may work perfectly for another. Sadly, endo seems to be all about trail and error.

Good luck in your search for finding something that helps you! x

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Thanks for your reply. I will probably try the coil and see how it goes and at least I know I can have it removed. Endo is so hard to deal with, especially how everyone seems to have different symptoms and reactions to treatment. I'm glad you're feeling better after having your cool removed though :)

Never TMI with me! It's hoe it helps people relate to exactly what they're going through! Thanks for your support 😊 Xxx

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You're very welcome :) I hope it works for you - I wish you all the best! xxx


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