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Painful sex


Hi everyone,

Was just wondering if anyone had any advice for me. I have stage 2 endometriosis and I'm having horrendous pain during and after sex. I've been told that it's normal to happen but I want it to stop. My boyfriend is very patient with me but it hurts so much. Does anybody know anything that could help?


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I have this,because Endo is on cervix. I use painkillers ..lots . But haven't really had helpful answers yet. Its really tough as want to be close to mu husband.

It is common actually. What are your qualifications to say it isn't ?? I'm a nurse and its common and not nice so a more helpful answer hopefully will be coming. I'm with a respected specialist centre

I've just read your site .looks interesting especially the immune stuff. Bit I maintain painful sex is a common symptom if Endo. Have you anything useful to say about helping it ! Asci haven't found anyone yet who has. And I don't think invasive techniques work on the whole. I'm much more into alternative approaches including diet,herbs ,pelvic massage etc. All help but nit with sex unfortunately Jan.

I have to agree that endometriosis definitely can cause pain during sex! If this does not cut across all sufferers then it sure is a case of where the endometriosis is in the woman.

A veteran gyn told me this when he diagnosed me over 2yrs ago only for my endometriosis nurse to confirm it last year. I am not sure of what can be done to stop it unfortunately.

I took a high count of ibuprofen which is nurofen I think an hour before sex and its still painfull but not as much. Xxx

I have a retroverted and retroflexed cervix. I don't have rectovaginal endo. My endo is across my left ovary and the majority of the left side. Thank you for your help though.

My problem is your patronising attitude! I am being treating at a respected Endo Centre where pioneering research is done in Edinburgh. Often surgery only causes more issues and scarring but is indicated in some places but increasingly other treatments arevpriving effective. I'm quite happy to go back to my consultant and recognised expert in Endo and ask him about the further exam for vagino/ rectal adhesions and I believe as well as Endo pn cerbix o have a tilted cervix . I was objecting to what I thought was you saying painful sex wasn't common as this isn't helpful. I wouid recommend the initial enquirer looks,at previous posts on pain as I found those,quite helpful and I think its most reassuring to know you are not alone in suffering. I am a psychiatric nurse as well as general and am part of research studies and Endo support groups. You are the first person here I have found unhelpful and that's a,shame .

So if you have a lap, and have all the endo removed, will you then have painful-free sex?

A2207 in reply to Jess96

I had my lap in October and had pain during sex this symptom only started as my pain was getting extremely worse so in a way I was lucky not to feel pain over all the years I've suffered painful periods. After my lap the general gyne removed endo from my uterus and now sex isn't painful but I'm nervous everytime just incase its just luck and if the pain comes back at any time.

Jess96 in reply to A2207

Thank you. Well I hope it isn't just luck.

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