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Pain management for Endo

Hello all,

For many years I suffered in silence with pain from endo & as the doctors hadn't a clue what was causing my pain, management of it was quite hard but I've found that even after being officially diagnosed after my laparoscopy, the doctors are still clueless. I currently take the following on an average of 2-3 times a week:

500mg Naproxen (as & when required)

Up to 300mg Tramadol/day (as & when required)

I need some advise on how to manage my pain because these pain killers don't seem to be making a difference. Are there alternatives or something stronger I can try? I don't like taking tablets everyday and with endo pain it is constant but very up and down so I don't really like taking pain killers when the pain isn't as bad if that makes sense?

Any recommendations welcome plz. Nunu88 xx

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Dear Nunu88

Sorry to hear that you're in pain. The fact sheet below lists different things you can try to help relieve the pain.


I do hope you find something that works for you.


Endometriosis UK


Hi Lou7707,

Thanks for the link - some useful information x


I don't know about tramadol but naproxen won't work well as a one off tablet. Ideally it should be taken before pain starts - I know ridiculous! But if you have a regular cycle start taking it one or two days before your period is due then continue as prescribed for 5-7 days you should see it works better that way. If you don't start taking it until you feel pain the pills are effectively playing catch-up and won't be as effective. Good luck.


That's the problem tmc182, I don't have a regular cycle so can't really predict when the pain will be worse unfortunately. Feel like i'm just randomly popping pills but they're not even working *sigh*. Thanks for your reply x


I find the only thing that helps me is paramol. You can get it over the counter and contains paracetamol and dyhydrocodeine. Ive only just discovered it after years and it really works!


Hi Pettal76,

Thanks for your reply. I went to my doctor last night & she prescribed dihydrocodeine 30mg to be taken four times daily. Perhaps this will actually help. How much do you have to take for you to feel it's working? x


The one I've been using only has a small dose of dyhydrocodeine in and it works after one dose. Paracetamol and codeine based analgesia together turns into an opiate once metabolised so it's the combination that works. If I were you I'd try taking one 30mg tab and 1G of paracetamol together and see how u go. I can't take high dose codeine as it makes me feel ill and I can't function! Everyone is different though. Hope it helps 😊

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