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I'm greatful to have a decent GP

Ladies just a post to let you all know that there is hope for us out there.

I went to see my gp this afternoon as I already had booked an appointment and then I started to feel really Ill over the weekend. Woke up feeling extremley unwell this morning did a urine test and showing signs of infection. Went to docs discussed my ill feeling and he looked at my wound he prescribed some antibiotics and took a urine sample. He wanted to start treatment before results.

Then we spoke about laparoscopy findings he said what ever you want to do is fine he said I'll let you guide me. He explained what we all know about the surgery and more adhesions and explained about if I want to go down fertility route he would be happy to refer me. He believes the bleeding from my bottom is due to endo and suggests that I get better from this infection see how I go if I'm still not coping well. Then I tell him what I want him to do referral etc. I came away from my doctor today feeling very much greatful as I felt after being in hospital that I would be banging my head against a wall with my gp. But I feel like he genuinely cares and gets it. And wants me to make correct informed desicions for my own health which he will support me in.

Just wanted to post this as to let you all know to keep fighting until you get that gp that gets it and that will support you all the way. Not all gps are difficult and dismissive and surely us working with them and tackling the government we'll get the recognition this disease needs and we won't feel like we're fighting a loosing battle.

Hope your all well as can be.

Take care x

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I have a fab gp. It's good to hear a positive experience (as it's so easy to complain about a bad one).

Sometimes GPs have limitations on what they can offer.

Good to hear the positive 😊


That's exactly why I posted just to get some thing positive out there. Glad you have a good gp too.


Wow I wish I could find one like that.. I've had the worst experiences that have really made me loose trust in the system.. my latest doctor at follow up appointment from lap (when I asked what treatment options will I have if things get bad again as they said more laps isn't an option) told me well a lot of women get to the point of not wanting to live due to the pain so then they can do injections for 6 months. I couldn't believe she would tell me such a hopeless message that I may end up suicidal?! Awful.. I refuse to live my life with a pessimistic outlook and will find a way to cope


Change your gp. Even if it's a different one in same surgery. You shouldn't have to listen to rubbish like that. Why on earth people become doctors when they speak like that really baffles me.


Like AllWeNeedIsluv says, change your GP. You can request that. For your health and your sanity x


Like you I have a fabulous gp who I found by accident!! Not my named gp, she was really flippant which wasn't helpful given my situation 8 years later.

I found this gp having needed an emergency appointment when waiting for my first op. She was so empathetic and understanding. I've stuck with her for my whole journey, as I dont have to explain myself.

I really feel for people who don't have an understanding and supportive gp, as they are usually the gatekeeper to further treatment and support.


I know it's frustrating and sometimes you'll think not to even bother seeking help any more from them.

All I can say is if anyone doesn't feel your gp is listening to them then find another even in the same surgery. Get emotional when talking to them it's hard not to when your in pain and hitting a brick wall. Someone will listen and understand.

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