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First Gynae hospital app tomorrow!!!


Hi All,

Hope you're all okay!

Just looking for a bit of advice. Got my first hospital app tomorrow after been referred from my GP with possible Endo.

Im desperate for answers and sadly feel more excited than nervous about tomorrow in the hope that ill get some answers.

Please can anyone suggest what they may do, what they will want to know and how likely it is that they will refer me for a lap rather than fob me off with meds?

Thanks so much

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Hello - I had my first appointment about 4 weeks ago and I was asked loads of questions about my symptoms. I had no tests done. I had two options one was to try the pill sorry can't remember the name !! Or have a lap they didn't try and persuade me to try the pill first. So now on a waiting list for a lap and hysteroscopy...

Hi, thanks so much for your reply. Nice to know im not alone! What are your symptoms if you dont mind me asking? Just curious to see if im likely to get the same response that you did (fingers crossed!) How long did the consultation last? Do you know how long the waiting list is at the minute? Thanks again x

No I don't mind at all !!! My main symptoms are severe abdominal and back pain and heavy bleeding. I was there for about 30 minutes. My GP had already sent me for bloods and ultrasounds and I've got cysts so the consultant already had these results which he said was already signs of Endo. What are your symptoms ? I'm not exactly sure the length of the waiting list but I was told that they do aim to start treatment within 18 weeks from referral date but can't see that happening as I was referred in July !! xx

I see, that sounds fairly similar to me. My symptoms are extreme period pain, painful sex, painful bowel movement, heavy bleeding, persistent exhaustion and frequent bacterial infections.

Gosh, that has taken you a while to be seen then! Glad you're finally getting sorted and hope you are okay! xx

Hi. I went for my first appointment and he told me to take medication for a while and then go back. I think it was about three months after. During my first appointment I had a chat to him, he examined me and I had a swab taken. I then went back for my follow up appointment and explained things hadn't improved on the medication and he put me on a waiting list for a lap. I then had that 10months later which was three weeks ago. Hope everything goes ok for you! Feel free to message me if you want to x

Hi both

Appointment all over and done with and i have to say it went a lot better than expected. She took notes of everything i discussed and then conducted some swab type of tests. She booked me in for an ultra-sound scan in the next month then i have another consultation on January 4th to discuss the results of the scan. If the scan is clear it will be an op for an endo diagnosis!!

Finally feel like i am getting somewhere. Thank you both so much for your replies- really helped me with what to expect!

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