Is my lower back pain endo or not

Hi, im reaching out again because im feeling alone. Since my last post ive been waiting for an apt at an endo clinic in the hague where I live in the Netherlands. I wasnt holding out much hope after the last few years they take a look (ultrasound) then say theres not much to be done. Ive had 4 ops and last op 10years ago being hysterectomy, leaving ovaries.

So at this clinic apt they did an ultrasound but could only see a little on my left ovary. My pain is right side, lower abdominal area and worsen at my lower back right. I was disappointed that they couldn't see more. I started crying saying maybe its in my head and the pain isnt that bad. I must be a wimp. She was a nice doc and said its possible we cant see it so we will send you for an echo. I had the echo 2weeks ago. They saw something on my bowel, but still not enough. So next they will discuss an mri or lap. Im frustrated and sad. I starting to the think that the pain is caused by my bed, or sitting awkwardly. I dont know. I just wish a knew where this pain was coming from and that im not crazy. If anyone has experience with this please share

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  • I suffer from constant lower back pain and dinnertime hip pain that wakes me up back pain intensifies dissent times if month mid cycle and before during and just after period. I recently had a lap that found minimal endo but a large dense piece of scar tissue from belly button to bowel area that I need to get referred to surgeons for. I believe this is what maybe has a big part to play in my back and hip pain that also goes to tops of my legs sometimes where they swell and ache that much I can't sleep.

    I think maybe it could be adhesions that are causing you this pain that could be affecting your nerves too. It's awful and I hope they manage to get you sorted. It's like a catch 22 situation surgery leads to adhesions which lead to more pain and headache.

    Wish you all the best hun. X

  • Well actually that's what the echo guy said. He could see id have several surgeries and adhesions by my bowel. He said its like every surgeon leaves a signature inside when they op on you! Thanks so much for the recognition. Ive been crying a lot in the last two weeks. Mainly because im tired and I think I look old and tired . Also because I feel im second guessing if my pain is real or not

  • I feel exact same hun about the old and tired looking it's awful iv had a cold sore for about a month and iv never had one before just little cracks in corner of lips. It's hard isn't it. I know what you mean about the pain. When your in pain so much you think are you really in pain all the time or are you just used to it and not sure if it's there or not because it's so draining. I suffer with awful fatigue and have done all my life since young. Don't worry hun I know it's hard not to. But just vent out on here have a rant a chat it's always better to talk about how your feeling. Plus crying helps so best yourself up about it. When you have a little less pain have a nice hot shower put some nice clothes on maybe a long maxi dress and some make up and do something go out for lunch it will make the world of difference. Even just get your hair done or something little things help. Take care hun. Always here if you need a chat x

  • I meant don't beat yourself up about it. X

  • Hello, your experience has struck a chord, particularly where you are suspecting that your bed/sitting posture could be the culprit of your pain. I had similar pain and found that as I relaxed in the evenings I just couldn't get comfortable on my settee. This worsened and I was convinced that my bed and settee were the causes!! In fact I even bought new ones....! I thought I was crazy; I was even told by a physio that I had bad posture. Long story short that was bulls**t. I had severe Endometriosis and this was ONLY diagnosed by a laparoscopy. You sound like I did a few months ago. It'll be Endometriosis, you're not crazy xxxx

  • Thanks so much. I slept in my boyfriends bed(expensive, comfy) this weekend but I still have it. Sex has been a trigger too in.the last weeks. I tried very slow, easy sex this weekend. But again pain. So im.not feeling sexually motivated to connect with my partner again. Massage later maybe as I like the connection from touch

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