Lower back ache

Right, I've been having on/off lower back ache for god knows how long now - I have a feeling it is endo related. My mam has had endo and so has her mam including fibroids and cysts...you name it. Been on the mini-pill for just under a year now and I have a feeling any endo tissue has just been growing (I used to have horrendously heavy and painful periods where I was taking 3 codeine at one point to get rid of the pain)

HOWEVER, I am finally getting an ultrasound within the next few weeks so fingers crossed I can get to the bottom of it. Kinda hoping the ache isn't anything to do with my kidneys though!

Anybody else experienced this kind of on/off dull ache in their lower back? I am a huge worrier!


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  • Hi Hun I'm feeling the same at the moment too lower back pain constantly heavy periods etc the list goes on, waiting for another gyni app in March time... Have you been diagnosed yet xxx

  • Hello! Well, there's a bit of a story - a few years ago I was rushed into hospital with severe tummy pain, the docs thought it was appendicitis - it turned out to be internal bleeding from my womb - my mam was with me who explained she had suffered for years with endo (as well as my nanna) but they didn't formally diagnose me. However, my last doctor suggested that I probably had it due to all the symptoms I had whilst I had my periods.

    I hope that made sense :)


  • Hi - having first degree relatives with endo increases the risk significantly. Back pain is very common with endo (but of course there are many other causes as well and in many cases a cause is never identified). Back pain with endo would be caused by referred pain along nerves. The bottom of the uterus is joined to the bottom of the spine (sacrum) by the uterosacral ligaments and these pass through a hollow behind the uterus called the pouch of douglas and this is a common place for endo to be. So endo there irritates nerves on the ligaments and refers pain to the back. Other typical symptoms can often be IBS type symptoms that are usually worse with the period, pain with sex and sometimes leg , groin, buttock type pain against a background of general pelvic pain and often severe, heavy periods. Contraceptives can mask the progression of endo and suppress symptoms.

    An ultrasound often fails to find anything as endo here won't show unless it is severe and has distorted the anatomy or is associated with dense adhesions (scar tissue). You may have cysts on your ovaries that are caused by endo and these would show. If you are told there is no endo based on a US scan then this will be incorrect advice and I would suggest you seek referral to a specialist centre, especially with your family history - look at my post on how to find one (click my name).

  • Hello, thank you I found that very helpful. I will certainly be pushing for answers when I have my US - thanks again :)

  • Hi there one of my main reasons for a laproscopy was the fact I suffered chronic lower back pain sometimes I'd be crawling on the floor as it was so painful right in the middle of my lower back. This was also alongside bowel problems I would be constipated and the pain would worsen. I had endometriosis on my bowel and on my pelvic wall. This was removed and I feel wonderful like someone has removed a lump from my back. Hope you feel better soon

  • Hello! Thankyo for that - I used to have horrendous bowel problems when I had my periods but not I am on the mini pill these symptoms have subsided - I will post an update when I hopefully get to the bottom of it in a few weeks :)

  • I thought I was going crazy having bowel problems I never k ew it was related. Good luck and keep us posted.

    P s lots of good Info on pinterest too!

  • Get yout pelvic floor checked. No one thinks of this. U need a physiotherapist to confirm. I was.just diagnosed and u will have chronic low back pain with it. I also had endo in 2007. Thought it was back but nothing there. Surgery weakens the pelvic floor. I've had 6 surgeries. U don't want to.keep having surgeries beleive me.

  • Hello again everybody,

    Had my ultrasound today....turns out I have a cyst on my right ovary! Explains all the aches and pains 🙈🙈xxx

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