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Post surgery confused and anxious

Hi I am new to this site, feeling a little low, confused and anxious. Long story short I was diagnosed with endometriosis August following my 1st laparoscopy to remove my left tube/ ovary as a mass was found during a scan. However during the laparoscopy I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and my left ovary and tube embedded in my bowel, the consultant could not removed it. I have had 6 months of prostap, and it was explained to me that the surgery was too risky and a bowel surgeon would be needed. I had a laparoscopy on Thursday and found the endometriosis has disappeared however consultant could not remove my tube/ovary. I phoned the secretary who said there was no mention of a bowel surgeon during the surgery. Now I am left feeling confused as to why I have waited a further 6 months to have the tube ovary removed and this has still not happened, also anxious about further surgery. My consultant is discharging me, why was there not a bowel surgeon when the complication was with my bowel. Anyou support with this would be appreciated

Thanks kellie

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