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Can endo be back just 8 weeks after lap? So down about it :-(


Hi Ladies. Had my first lap almost 8 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with stage 2 endo and there were several implants cauterized. The biggest implant was removed from my bladder, which was where most of my pain came from - as well as peeing blood etc. Since the op I've felt great - pain is pretty much gone. 2 days ago though, the pain has started again. Everything feels tight down below, leaving me unable to stretch properly (as before my lap) I'm also weeing more often. Basically just feel like I've got period pain as well as it's that kind of aching pain. Could the endo be back already? I feel totally devastated as I was doing so well and now feel like I'm back to square one. Due to have the coil fitted on wed. Any thoughts welcome xx

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Unfortunately these doctors do operations on us but always leave some behind. Why? I have no idea. X

Hello, I had my lap almost six weeks ago and I'm sorry to say am in exactly the same pain as before it. Despite removing adhesions and 'all the endo he could see', I still have daily pain. I have been taking the mini pill now for just over four weeks and I can't honestly say if it's working or not as I have had the same cycle as I would have done beforehand.

So I have to say I know how you feel as I had hoped that the surgery would have fixed everything and I would go back to normal, but it hasn't happened. HOWEVER there are plenty of options still for you, so don't give up hope. I have good days and bad days and am looking forward to the good outweighing the bad someday!

Please feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to x

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time mitch15. I think it's more frustrating that I initially felt really good and all my symptoms have gone. Just a bit strange its gone then come back xx

Could it not just be that you are going through your normal cycle and hopefully the coil will stop anything more happening?

Yeah possibly. This is what I'm hoping. It's just that operation pain felt very different. This pain feels more like I had before the lap if that makes sense? xx

Hi I had my lap in December 2004 and was convinced that it was back by the end of jan 05 - when I went for my follow up in the feb I was told it was prob ibs or in my head - I then found out that the gynae had missed loads of endo when she lasered and that it hadn't gone. Still with your gut instinct if it feels the same after 8 weeks post op you are usually right ( that's what I was told by new gynae)!

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