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Constant bleeding arghhh !!!


I have stage 4 endo have chosen to hod off the radical surgery as I want to delay my menopause. I have the mirena coil and my pain is OK. However, I have had the coil for 8 months and bleed all the time. I want to go swimming and I am sick of wearing pads. I don't want to use tampons. Has anyone used a moon cup? Or any other way to live with the constant bleeding ?

Many thanks Jill

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I use a fleurcup which is like a mooncup but softer silicone. I love it. I haven't used tampons for over 5 years and pads occasionally if I'm at the end of my period. Even on the heaviest day you can go a good 8 hours without having to empty it so it takes the pressure off worrying about leaks.

Can definitely recommend as once I stopped using tampons my cramps reduced considerably and I'm pretty much pain free.

I was advised by a nutritionist that the chemicals used to bleach the cotton in tampons can interfere with your hormones and cause the pain/cramps.

It worked for me so it's probably worth a try. You can buy a fleurcup on Amazon. It comes in two sizes so you can but a double pack and try both or go on their website and use their guidance to decide which size would suit you better.

Also environmentally friendly 😉

Good luck and I hope you find a suitable solution



Thats brilliant, I am worried about using disposable pads all the time. I will look at their website. Thanks for the advice xx

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It was life changing for me. Hope it works for you.

Also, search YouTube if you need a tutorial on how to insert and remove it xx


Thanks xx

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