Told I'm lying

I am currently in hospital, I have been told I am lying about the pain I'm in as the pills I am on ads used on heart surgery patients... he was trying to get rid of me and send me home on cocodamol yet iv been on morphine all the time iv been here. So then next thing I know I'm moving wards :/ so confused what's going on. I did not like this doctor he made me believe it's in my head.

Do I just go home? He was so frustrated with me

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  • No definitely don't go home. You know your own body. It doesn't matter what he thinks. You are not a liar and it's not in your head. Have some faith in yourself. Ask to see someone different. I'm so sorry you are being treated like this , it's not right . But don't give up Hun. I really hope you can get some relief.

  • I've had this so many times - I once got sent home at midnight after being on morphine from the Dr! Don't give up and be persistent, it's v frustrating when they don't believe you! Yes definitely ask to see another doctor

  • Saw another doctor who was very understanding and told me it's not in my head and also thinks it may be a ruptured cyst

  • Glad you stuck it out Hun. How are you feeling?

  • Like rubbish. I'm worried they are going to send me home tomorrow on nothing more than cocodamol. I'm really struggling

  • Stand your ground Hun. I know it's hard but unless you stick up for yourself , you won't get the help you need. Be strong. We're all here for you. If you're not feeling well enough to go home then don't.

  • Easier said than done isn't it though. When they want you gone they want you gone and when they tell u there's nothing more they can do what do you say? I feel horrendous, do I look it? No coz I never do. I always look ok and my observation are always fine

  • Don't go home!! Ask for a second opinion! I know others have said this but you do know your body and if something isn't right. I know it's easier said then done and I am one for not sticking up for myself but you need to with something like this!

  • Something isn't right, I juse hope I can prove that. The fact I need pain killers every 2 hours should show that.

  • No you shouldn't need that much and they must realise that! When I last went to a and e as soon as I told them I had endometriosis they sent me home! They just want the beds! I hope you get sorted xx

  • Yep endometriosis the killer word

  • Hi Hun how are you today?

  • I'm sore, a doctor came at 10am but got called away a few she never returned. I'm coming fused as to whats going on

  • Yeah I bet. I really feel for you Hun , been thinking of you all day. I really hope things improve soon. Will check in on you tomorrow. Stay strong sweetheart. Sending lots of love and gentle hugs.

  • Thank you. Doctor never came back. Very confused. Hopefully I get some sleep tonight

  • Hi Hun how are you today?

  • I'm ok. They are taking me for surgery tomorrow.

  • What are they going to do in surgery? Have they said?

  • Have a look around and see what's going on if they find anything wrong they will fix it

  • Glad they are finally doing something. Hopefully after surgery you should start to feel better.

    Good luck sweetheart

  • Thank you, just hope they find the cause of this pain.

  • Good luck with your surgery x

  • Well I didn't have my surgery because they canceled it due to a emergency and then the doctor tells me he might not operate at all because apparently my pain has improved today which I was totally unaware of

  • Hi Hun how are you today?

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