Plz help I'm worried

Okkay so I'm new at this thing but I need some help I have had my period a few weeks ago and then after me and my husband had sex I started bleeding and now I have been bleeding for about almost 2 weeks now and about 2 or 3 days ago my side by my ribs started hurting and the doctor said I pulled something at work but he couldn't tell me why I had been bleeding for so long he said I would have to come back and see the nurse practitioner but I haven't been back so can anybody on here plz help me and tell me what's going on I'm so scared.!!!! I am going to the hospital Monday if it hasnt stopped but I'm curious right now.!!!!

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  • Hi Hun I'm sorry you are suffering so much. The pain in your right side more than like linked to the endo. I've experienced the same and like you fodded off by the doctors. Do u have an appointment at gynae? If not push for one. Have a look on the Endo uk website for help and advice. Take care. julie xx

  • I do not have an appointment but I am ganna go to the er if it don't get no better by Sunday.!!!! It just scares me.!!!!

  • I know it's scary Hun but you really need to be diagnosed. Make sure you have some one with you when you go to the appointments and keep talking to your loved ones so they understand as much as possible. You are not alone we are all here for one another. Take care xxx

  • I've had the issue where having sex brought on bleeding early before. With endometriosis they do say you can have irregular menstruation. I agree with julieoc71, it may be a good idea to push to see a gynaecologist. Are you currently on a treatment? and how heavily are you bleeding? x

  • What is endometriosis.!??? An no not on treatment for anything.!!!an I'm not bleeding very much but sometimes it will get heavy.!!!! An the doctor said the pain in my right side by my ribs is prolly a pulled muscle or something tore cause I just started my new job and I haven't worked in a couple of years...and it prolly happened when I picked something heavy up or something like that.!!!! And thanks for all the advice y'all I'm just really scared.!!!

  • Hi sorry your in pain, and bleeding, do you have pain any where else, and have you been diagnosed with anything in the past?


  • No I dont have any pain anywhere else an no discharge an no never been diagnosed with anything in the past.!!!

  • I wouldn't start worrying to early, it is possible just a pulled muscle and a long period or irregular period, but Defo go to your GP and ask to be seen my a gyne doc


  • Hi - as you posted on the endometriosis forum that is why people assumed you had it. But you say this happened after sex so it is probable that caused some sort of injury inside. Did the doc do an internal examination?

  • No he didn't he just listen to me breathe an said that the waay I was feeling was a pulled muscle or something torn

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