What to do???

Wonder if anyone could give me some advice please. Any would be appreciated. Iv had pains with my stomach for nearly three years, been to bowel specialists everything has been rules out even Endo, so my gyne says there is problems with my ovaries but what he doesn't know so Iv been on prostap for 5 month now and it has took all pain away, his next step is an hysterectomy. Any advice on what to do or any opinions. A bit of background I'm 23 yr old married and have one child which is all I want I don't want any other kids. Thanks in advance

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Have you had a laparoscopy?

Yeah Iv had three and still can't find nothing? When the pain starts I can't even get out of bed X

Seems a bit extreme - as Lindle says have you had lap?

Hyster and ovaries taken out will put you into menopause and you'll have to have HRT as you are so young. And there's no guarantee that endo will disappear. It's not a cure unfortunately

Good luck

He hasn't put it down to Endo tho? He said there is nothing he can find that's causing the pains, which is strange xx

Yeah Iv had three and they have found nothing, but when the pain starts I can't even get out of bed x

I'm in exactly the same situation, constant pain but no endo or bowel issues found! I've only had one laparoscopy but nothing was found! I've been told there's nothing else that they can do other than possibly another laparoscopy in January! It's ruling my life and can't carry on like this.

Omg I'm pleased Iv found someone with similar symptoms!! Not that I'd wish it on my worst enemy but you know what I mean ha. The pain is horrendous and nothing to be found, I had a few cysts but they have popped. Sometime I collapse with the pain it's that bad!! I gave birth with no pain relief and this pain is 1000 times worse. Have you had any sort of injections? The last thing for me is a hysterectomy and my gyno thinks it will resolve all pain xx

I was on prostap injections for four months and because there wasn't a huge amount of reduction in my pain my consultant decided to stop them. What sort of pain do you have, mine is all month constantly not just around my period. Also it really affects my bowels, I'm sick of taking oramorph x

Thankfully the prostap has helped me but when it wears off the pain comes back. It's constant pain, and I normally bleed for four five weeks really heavy. It's in my stomach and in my back and down my left leg sometimes feels like and explosion in my ovary if that makes sense. What's your pain like? X

Stabbing pain very low down on the left, back ache, pain down into my groin going down my left leg! I take the pill back to back so don't have periods for three months but to be honest the pain is so bad now I dread a period.

Yours sound exactly the same as mine!! I mean obviously I don't want a hysterectomy but did you have any other options or anything they car do to help you? What hospital so you go to? X

They haven't mentioned a hysterectomy to me and won't consider it unless they find something wrong! I go to torquay hospital.

I go private and he's told me that's the only thing he can think of that will stop the pain 😩 Please let me know how your getting on and if they come up with anything. It's like fighting a loosing battle xx

I will, I'm so depressed with it x

So am I, I'm here when ever you want a rant X

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