I'm at my wits end !! 😭

Hi ladies

I'm at a total loss now Iv been dealing with very heavy and pain period pains since I was 13 and it took them a good few years to get me on a back to back pill where I didn't have a period at all . I went to my doctors recently about an illness unrelated to this and she said oh by the way you need to think about changing your contraception or start having a break after you've finished one strip. So I started to have the break and ever since then Iv been experiencing terrible pain in my lower abdomen . It's put me in a&e after having terrible pains and then gave me morphine and sent me home they didn't want anything to do with me . Iv had and ultrasound done and an internal scan done and I have a suspected serious cyst about my left ovary at 3.6 cm. I am currently waiting for my gyno review . But I have such terrible pain when having sex . Passing urine or having a bowl moment , sometimes it's that bad Iv gone days without going and got constipated because of how bad the pain is about passing. The pain creeps down my left leg and gives me terrible hip pain and it goes round my back by mY kidneys. I dread when I'm due my period the pain is unbearable I'm in bed the whole time . It's affecting my job as well as Iv been off sick allot . I have no energy I constantly feel lethargic. I hate this not knowing what it is and how my doctor isn't doing anything for me and makes me feel that I'm making this all up :( can anyone share any same symptoms to endometriosis ? As this seems to share my symptoms as I'm at my wits end and it's got that bad I'm now trying to self diagnosis which I know is really bad :( . Thankyou in advance x


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  • Hi. You need to push for an appointment sooner with your endo consultant. Keep a diary of your symptoms etc. May be worth changing the pill to one that you can take continuously to avoid the period (though I know this doesn't always stop bleeding for everyone). Your cyst isn't what I'd consider to be huge, but that's just going on how big mine were! Saying that the pain a cyst can cause can be horrendous.

    Your symptoms do sound like endo but they could be other conditions too.

    Please call the hospital and really push for an appointment sooner. X

  • You've got many of the same symptoms I have, although my ultrasounds only showed fluid in my tube which they told me wasn't a problem. Are you being referred to a gynae for treatment of the cycst? An MRI can show up endometriosis whereas an ultrasound won't usually. So push to get an MRI, it is only the more modern machines that can detect endo. Also push for a referral to a consultant on the BSGE.org/clinic as they are the only ones that should be dealing with endo where there is bowel involvement. The problem is that many women (you are far from alone) don't get referred to these specialists as the other medial people either don't know these specialists exist, or don't accept that the woman might have endometriosis.

  • Hi, agree with last 2 replies. Yes you have a small cyst but believe me, size doesn't matter where cysts are concerned. Sounds like you also have PID. Cysts can also press on a nerve causing horrendous pain. You really need to be seen ASAP. Hope you get sorted xxx

  • HI there. You have lots of the symptoms of endo but it could be other things also. You need to persist with your consultant and phone them every other day or you can speak with the PALS team at your hospital to try and progress your appointment due to your chronic pain. They helped me massively. x

  • Thankyou so much ladies talking about this has helped alot , I have my gyno referral this Friday so only a few more days to wait , I'm gonna push them to do more and us woman with these problem just seem to be forgotten about or misdiagnosed which is terrible ! . Thankyou soo much

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