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I had my lap done of Friday but I'm feeling dizzy help

On Friday I had my second laparoscopy done the antibiotics took a side effect so I stopped taking them spoke with the hospital they told me leave it 48 hours if I'm still having problem to get a gp appointment basically I'm feel if I'm on a sugar rush but I'm not my heart is beating so fast I feel drained liked I desperate for food and drink i feel permanently faint even lying down. I can't sleep cos my body shaking iv phoned the gp to which as usual my gp have no appointments till next week I told them I can't wait that long so try said that if the doctor was concerned he would ring iv had nothing I phoned at 10. Is it just my op taking it's toll on me or is something else wrong I don't have high temp but when my heart goes really fast I become very clammy and hot

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Sounds like you have got an infection raging there - shouldn't hve stopped the anti-biotics without having different ones to tackle the problem. Not all ntibiotics have the same effect on you. I have a dreadful time on penicillin based ones - make me really feel unwell, but i have tried others which have been fab.

Call the gynae ward (phone no. on the discharge form) - you're still their patient. explain what's happened that your GP cannot see you till next week.

Any post op infection must be treated with top priority. your body is over stretched as it is coping with recovery from the op without adding infection to the situation.

I bet they invite you back in or tell you to get to A&E asap.

Don't delay. You could check if you have a local NHS drop in centre instead of an A&E visit where you can get to see a doctor much quicker than waiting for your GP surgery to have anyone available to call you or see you.

Best of Luck - hope you get someone to sort you out asap.


Bloody joke been on phone all day to dr and my hospital my hospital said it ain't related and my dr can't see me till next week what the hell am I suppose to do


I wo.uld go to A and E and make a fuss or out of hours GP if nearer.Good luck.


Finial got an apoinment after trying all week I'm off to the doctors feeling worse today feeling sick and head ace today just want to know what wrong if iv got infection in my sight I will not be happy with hospital for blowing me of they won't see me


Found out what wrong my blood has dropped way to low just had blood test to confirm just waiting now see what there going to do


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