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Ovaries and tumor gone

I went to the ER experiencing severe abdominal pain and I was told that I had a 5.5 cm mass on my ovary. I was referred to a specialist who indicated that it was highly suspicious of cancer and scheduled me for surgery. Oddly though, they reported they could not locate my left ovary and believed the tumor to be on my right ovary but was not certain since they could not locate the left...which I thought was odd. Anyway, due to many complications, I did not have the surgery until several months later. When they finally completed the surgery, they indicated that not only could they not find the left ovary, but the right ovary, and the tumor was gone. They said they looked around the cavity and could not locate the tumor. They proceeded with a complete hysterectomy. Almost immediately after the surgery, I started having pain in the right thigh. I am terrified that the elusive tumor got relocated to the thigh when the ovary "dissolved". Is this a rational concern and where did my ovaries go? Also, I have had breast cancer and was on Tamoxifen and the pathology indicated a high concentration of tamoxifen in my uterine tissue. Could this be the reason all of this occurred?

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