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Severe period pain 3months after 4th lap

Afternoon ladies,

I've had 4 laps, my most recent being November. Recovery has always been straightforward 2/3 weeks of taking it easy and then relief and getting on with life.

This time the surgery was much more extensive as the endo had spread, recovery was a decent 6 weeks. This time round as I am hoping to try and concieve I have not had a new mariena fitted.

Periods since the op have been heavy and prolonged (which I didn't expect as they gave the womb lining a good clear out) this month I have just started my period, bleeding isn't bad, but the pain is horrific. I feel sick, dizzy, as if someone is squeezing my ovaries and I have a deep dull pain. Has anyone else had this post op and coming off contraception or should I call the dr?

Thanks in advance xxx

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