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cerazette versus micronor

hi, I'm new to this forum. wondered if anyone is in my situation. suffered with left ovary twisted and stuck to my bowel and right ovary floating as 10 years ago had Fallopian tube removed. been experiencing awful symptoms over last 12 months nausea acid reflux feeling generally ill. pain with periods as well. anyway saw gynae nurse specialist and between her and consultant they put me on cerazette and I'm on waiting list for laparoscopy with potential adhesion removal and possible ovary removal. since being on cerazette just finished 4th packet I have pretty much bled everyday with mild period symptoms however the nausea and general unwell feeling has gone. have spoken to my specialist nurse and because of the bleeding pretty much everyday with only 14 days break she wants me to try micronor. I'm happy to do this but concerned that I'm just going to have the same symptoms. I am still on the waiting list for surgery just wondered if I would be better off just getting rid of my ovaries once and for all? has anyone else experienced this and tried several progesterone only tablets. for 3 years from 2009-2012 I was on an injection that stopped my period which meant I was pain free which was brilliant but they are reluctant to put me on this as having my ovaries out would be the same thing and go onto adback hrt? any advice gratefully recieved😀

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I have just come off cerazette after 6 months. I spent more time bleeding than not - periods didn't stop, I had spotting in between and otherwise felt horrible on it. My skin was awful and I put on 11lbs. I haven't tried any other progesterone tablets but have bled on everything, including the injections for temporary menopause.

I am due to have my ovaries removed next month together with a hysterectomy and excision from bladder and bowel. None of the drug treatments have really worked and due to the extent of the disease on my bowel, the consultant has recommended removal of ovaries to minimise the chance of needing further surgery in future which could damage my bowel. I'm 39, I already have children and don't want more so fertility is not an issue and I'm just so tired of being unwell.

It's not an easy decision but in the end, it's about what will give you best quality of life


I used to be on micronor and had the similar side effects I was then put on something else that I cannot remember the name and the same happened so I was then put on cerazette and it's the only one my body has agreed with, I think it's just a case of trying them and seeing what works well for you, best of luck with your op hope it all goes well x


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