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Feeling drained

Hi ladies. Iv been feeling very weak lately. My body hurts at night and I can't sleep properly at all. My stomach is very sore but I'm using hot water bottle to help me. I actually can sleep with the hot water bottle on my belly don't feel like moving it.

Had blood test to check iron levels but results haven't come yet.

Is anyone else having trouble sleeping? I want to take sleeping pills 😧 I'm that desperate to get a good nights sleep 😴

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Hey sorry to hear you can't sleep, do you have effective pain relief to help ease your pain? This will help you sleep. And a hot bath at night with Epsom salts xx


I can only take paracetamol but I rather not take it. I'm happy to have sleeping pills though even though they are good long term.


I'm exactly the same boat. I totally understand. To have a couple of hours uninterrupted sleep would be bliss. I take codeine to help with the pain just before sleep and take either peppermint tea or a milky drink to help me drift off.


I'll have to speak to my gp and see what he says. I usually have hot drink too but nothing seems to have worked lately.


I spoke to my GP before Xmas as i was in the same boat that was when I got my second opinion. Hope you are able to get a good night's rest


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