Feeling drained!!

Hi guys! just wondering if anyone else's pain is getting them down? I'm already on antidepressants for other issues, however after eventually being able to get back to see my gynae soon, as im in severe pain but its really effecting me emotionally and I don't know what to do as if I talk to my friends and family they always reassure me that they are there for me if I need to talk etc but none of them understand if anyone gets me? its getting me down that this pain is stopping from doing normal things, im 20 years old and what to be out with my friends etc! just wondering if anyone else feels the same and if you have any advice for me?

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Hi charlottemay

I also have been having a hard time recently trying to cope with things that are going on In my life and having this awful disease to contend with. I got to the point a few weeks ago where I completely went to pieces and felt like I just couldn't cope with things any more!! Been on setraline (anti depressants) for around 4 weeks now and even though they are helping I still have off days . I understand where you are coming from with regards to family as they try and support you but they don't really understand how you feel and how it really affects you.

I'm sorry to hear you cannot go out with your friends due to being in pain as you're still young and seeing others get on with their lives when you cannot gets you down I'm sure !!

It's good to come on here and have a rant as everyone understands what your going through and it helps just to get things off your chest sometimes.

I do not know what to say to you to make you feel better but if you need someone to talk to just drop us a message. Good luck with your upcoming gynae appointment and I hope you manage to get some pain relief!! Keep your chin up :-) Nat18 xx

Thank you so much! Its nice just to get thing off my chest! Nice to talk to someone who knows exactly how i feel xxx

Hi there

I totally understand how u feel I am recovering from my second lap for treatment for endometriosis I was diagnosed when I was 25 but suffered since I was 17 and I honestly think no one understands how down it gets you and dont believe how painful it can be. Since August I was getting hormone injections to put me through the menopause which cause me to stop sleeping and then my hair started falling out due to a hormone imbalance then they agreed in november it wasn't working and to do the second lap which I have to say was successful and they got all the endo with no side effects but being off work and recovery is a struggle I wish there was more support groups you could attend to speak to ppl with the same problems hope you get treatment do you attend a consultant xx

I know the closest support group to me is in cardiff, which is quite a while away from me say about an hour which is really inconvenient because theyre always at half past seven in the night wish there was more locally!xx

Hi Lauracol1 and charlottemay,

We'd love to be able to increase the number of Endo UK support groups in the country and provide necessary support to those who it, but as we're a very small organisation, we're unable to do this at present.

We're aware that many people don't live close to an Endo UK support group, so we've recently expanded our Online Support Group programme. Each month our groups get together via Skype discuss a topic related to endometriosis. The discussion is led by a trained group leader.

You can find out more here:


We also run a free helpline for when you really need someone to talk to, whether it's about treatment or just to speak to someone who will listen. Our helpline is run by trained volunteers who all have direct experience of endometriosis.


All the best,

Endo UK

Hi I understand how you feel it is more frustration and anger at not being able to lead a normal life and do the things that I want to do that gets me down . Obviously I can't do them because of the pain and tiredness and then I get the whole I feel so useless what is the point etc. Like nat says this this site is great for advice or a rant . I am recovering from 4th lap at mo n it really getting to me not being able to stuff I would normally do like clean the house.

Awh hope you start to feel a little better soon! i know its the simple things that are annoying the most! yeah exactly im the same i feel like crap anyway so might aswell not even bother today! haha

cheers yeah people who don't suffer find it hard to understand and are like why are u stressing out over not being able to run the hoover round I would love a day sat on my backside etc but when you have endo it is more than one day . I find the naps annoying aswell. I can get up n watch tele etc n once been awake for 4-5 hrs I need to sleep for 2-3 hrs to sort of feel refreshed which frustrates me as at 28 yrs old im having more naps than my 8mnth old neice. the sleep doesn't make me feel much better just gives me a bit more energy. I tried going a couple of days with only one nap a day n completely crashed yesterday went for a nap at 4 n woke up at 11.30 had a cuppa n fag n went back t sleep till 9 this morning. all these things make me laugh tho as I am also diagnosed with insomnia and cant sleep most nights even if the pain is under control but then I have the odd day where I crash n the rest of the time I have to have a nap

some tablets make me laugh I got given some antidepressants tht have a sedative in them to help me sleep yet one of the side effects is insomnia how does tht work with sedatives lmao.

I know! with the normethisterone im on to stop the bleeding as its like im bleeding constanly it says on there can cause severe menstural bleeding or spotting well thanks cos thats my symptom anyway haha! yeah im not usually one to sleep during the days but lately its annoying because its just like i need to sleep! also taking oromorph when the pain is really bad knocks me for six too haha and my friends are always saying come out and i cant because im in too much pain or too tired haha! its like a vicious circle sometimes!

I feel for you I'm on slow release morphine and have oramorph for the breakthrough pain . Love it when docs give u something that supposed to help you and when u read the side effects etc it is what u already have n what u want rid of. Hope things pick up for u hun u can private message me if u want hun as we hijacking this question here lol

I am sorry to hear that your pain is getting you down. I've had a really rough time of it of late, and at one point in December due to the pain and feeling so poorly I honestly though I was dying (I was diagnosed with a kidney infection, then they think my endo has kicked off again). My pain is thankfully easing, and just hoping I can have my life back again and hoping to return back to work next week (I am still feeling unwell, but think I could manage as I work part-time).

My mum gave me a little card that said about finding something every day that gives you joy - whether it be the birds, flowers etc. I personally find watching films and especially comedy good at keeping my mind off the pain and if I am feeling up to it, walking helps (especially being out in nature). Hope you feel better soon - remain strong and have hope you will get sorted.

Thank you so much for your advice i will deffinatly try taking my mind off it! Today the doctor changed my pain relif to mst's and oxycodone so hopefully they will manage it!! Hope you feel better soon too and can return back to work!x

good luck the slow release morphine is mst tht what im on n I found it a great relief once it was in my system and I got used to it so was ova the extreme tiredness . chin up ur strong n can do it.

hope u feeling better soon hun I agree with watching comedies etc I have just watched sarah millican chatter box t cheer myself up n booked tickets as a treat to go and see her live in may I cant wait coz I cant go out n about with friends anymore like I used to so going t see her will be a nice break n make life feel "normal".

Thanks. It is great to have things to look forward to. I have heard that Sarah Millican can be quite rude live, but she is great. I do hope things improve for you to and you can have a social life again.

Cheers I'm sure I will enjoy it . I don't care if she rude it funny. As long as I don't have another op before I go c her it will be great coz as u poss know for first week or so after op it can hurt t laugh if it proper belly laugh.

She is well funny, and hope you will be fine seeing her as you need to be able to have a good belly laugh.

That what I mean will b telling surgeon no op in may lol

Yes, I understand that exactly. I've taken the injection for 16 years. I'm at my wit's end. I have no energy at all. I'm exhausted. If I find something to help I will be sure to let you know. I'm am diligently looking. God bless and hang in there.

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