Warning about hot water bottle

Hi girls

I know alot of you live with hot water bottles attached to you everyday like me.

I seen my consultant the other day and when he was examining my stomach he said to me that I use a hot water bottle alot and I said I hadn't used it since the day before and how did he know, he said I've got marks on my stomach from using it to much.

I've never even noticed them before but they are like red blood line marks.

Apparently one day they won't ever go, luckily my consultant told me about this or I would just keep using my hot water bottle daily . He advised me to buy a electric head pad, it cost about 20 pound and attaches to yours stomach and back like a belt. It's not come yet but hopefully it will work as well as the hot water bottle does.

Just thought I would warn you all about it. If you do use a hot water bottle keep it covered with a towel or cover at all times. We all have enough marks on our stomachs from ops and we don't want anymore

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  • Yep I have seen them on me, made me go easy for a while but when its only think that helps hard not too๐Ÿ˜ก

  • I agree hun. I have one on my back and stomach every day. He just said one day they won't go and they'll be there forever and told me to get the heat pad Instead of using the hot water bottle so I'll let you know if it's any good. Hopefully it'll be getting delivered tomorrow x

  • Heat pads are much better my other half recently got me one as bottles are uncomfortable trying to get bottle behind your back in bed don't you think? I love it I get much more comfortable with it. Hope it works well for you to. Xx

  • Oh fab can't wait for it to come now. It is really difficult trying to get comfy in bed with the hot water bottle on your back. Xx

  • You will love it I struggle to detach myself from it now lol. And it never goes cold until you turn it off so no more repeated trips to the kettle, other than for tea of course.

    Well done for posting though I had no idea about what a hot water bottle could do to you .xx

  • I was thinking that about the million trips to the kettle I do everyday haha.

    I had no idea myself till my consultant told me and everyone I've mentioned it too have never heard of it either. I've enough cuts from my laps without red marks too xx

  • I know I'm always up and down to the kettle. I agree I have only had my first laparoscopy and though the scars are tiny I still don't like them they aren't fully healed yet but I'm obsessively been rubbing bio oil in ashch as possible. How many have you had?x

  • I've had 2 but got 7 scars which are only small but still some are above my bikini line so a little paranoid about them, I'll have to get some bio oil didn't even think of that. Just waiting for another op on my bladder as gynae con found another incurable disease in that and yesterday I had scans and got a mass on my left kidney so maybe a separate op for that. Feel like I live in the hospital at the min xx

  • Oh no poor you sounds like yu have a lot to deal . The ones near my hip area are above bikini line and it upset me as I managed to get no marks having my 3 kids and then I ended up with these , but I guess it had to be done. I hope they sort it all for you are all these things connected to your endo. Bio oil is working great would recommend it x

  • The thing they found in my bladder is called interstitial cystitis apparently it's known as evil twin syndrome if you get that and endo together but my urologist is going to operate soon and get rid of what he can. I'm just waiting for a ct scan to see what's going on with my kidney it could be that the endo has spread there but I've heard that's quite rare. My ovary is 5cm too and should only be 1.5cm just one thing after another at mo. Only had my second lap 6 weeks ago so was hoping id be a bit better by now but I'm not. Least they are finding things though. Are you managing ok with your endo? When did you have your lap? Xx

  • I'm really sorry to hear that sounds like you have got a lot of complicated things going on. My lap will be 6 weeks on Friday. I got diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. They removed the Endometriosis I had some in Pouch of Douglas and it's been causing me chronic pain down my legs and back. I don't feel a lot different to be honest bit I think it's the adenomyosis as I've been told to consider a hysterectomy as that's only cure don't think it's sunk in yet x

  • My first lap I got told I had endo in my pouch of Douglas too but nowhere else but like you I felt no better so i paid private to see a specialist and when he operated 6 weeks ago he found endo everywhere apart from my ovaries and fallopian tubes. It was all over my bladder and bowel too. I do feel like my last lap has helped loads the constant tugging and pulling has gone. Still in alot of pain but that could be due to these other problems so I'll have to wait and see. Did you see a specialist? I've been told a hysterectomy isn't the answer and that even if I have that done my endo won't go so maybe get a second opinion before you decide anything hun. We seem to get told different things all the time and a hysterectomy is a massive deal so not surprised it's not sunk in yet xx

  • But surely that must have been there in your first laparoscopy do you think they just didn't remove it? Yes I did see a specialist yes it's the Adenomyosis that you have to have a hysterectomy for as they can't remove it it's growing my uterus and specialist said my womb was enlarged and inflamed it is different to endo. I have a follow up in June where we will discuss I'm going to try and do everything I can do myself to try and make symptoms better I am reluctant to have it done as I'm only 32 I am just lucky I had my kids before this. I hope what they starts to improve all this for you, you must be in awful pain with all that x

  • Yes it definitely was there before it was only a year and a half ago my first lap but my consultant said he was a endo specialist but as time went on I knew he wasn't. So glad I went to get a second opinion, feel like I'm getting somewhere now. I'm still off work which is driving me crazy and not going to be back till I've had this next op.

    Ohh I see about the hysterectomy hun I thought it was for the endo then. I don't know much about adenomyosis I hope you can get some other sort of treatment to try first.

    Inbox me anytime you need a chat xx

  • I can honestly not understand how they get away with lie in and saying they are specialists when they aren't. It's good that you are feeling positive it's a hard thing to the endo really drags you down. I have been off work for a year at the beginning of May due to this. Thanks all o know is adenomyosis suck even more than endo! Yes keep in touch thanks for replying xx

  • Hi! Thanks so much for writing this as I have these marks all the time and hope they will go! Which heat pad is it people are using because I definitely need a substitute!

  • Did you get the heat pad online? I use a wheat bag that I heat up in the microwave and I've often still got red marks on my tummy the next day. I know it is probably too hot and it's burning me but it helps with the pains! A mini tens machine has helped me too. x

  • It does help with the pain hun I wouldn't be able to manage without. A tens machine hasn't been much help for me, makes the pulling pains I get worse.

    Yes I got it on eBay from a pharmacy I just put in stomach and back heat pad and loads come up. Hopefully worth the 20 pound but I'll let you know what it's like when it comes xx

  • Good luck. I hope it really helps. I will have a look online and get one I think. At least the heat is controlled on those unlike a hot water bottle or wheat bag. They get too hot but you don't wanna take it off when you're tummy is hurting so much. X

  • I think mine was ยฃ30 from argos dreamland heat pad and I love it it gets lovely and warm it had 5 settings, I have it on 5 then turn down to 3 and go to sleep and it auto turns off after 3 hours. It oz worth its weight in gold lol x

  • Thanks for the recommendation. Will look that one up. x

  • Are you plugged into wall? Just wondering probe a daft q?!

  • Good question I didn't even think of that lol Xx

  • Mine is but it's a long cord x

  • aw so sorry to hear that, but thank you very much for letting us all know/

    sending hugs


  • Aww no probs hun. Can't believe we didn't know. Glad I've got good consultants who tell me these things xx

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