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In so much pain!!

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Does anyone know the best thing I can take or do to help with the pain? It's so bad at the moment I'm doubled up with a hot water bottle but paracetamol isn't touching the sides it's got really bad the last couple of days. Normally a hot water bottle can help but it isn't at the moment and it doesn't help when I'm also suffering with sinus infection πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

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Ibuprofen helps more than paracetamol, as it works differently due to being an anti inflammatory. When it is very bad I use nurofen plus which is basically ibuprofen plus codeine, last resort as it can irritate your stomach - or in my case aggravate IBS like symptoms. Hope you get some relief x

Hiya, I'm in the exact same situation at the moment! Know how you feel :( ask your doctor for some Tranexamic or Mefanamic Acid. They're like ibuprofens big brother! It worked great for me at first but ibuprofen upsets my stomach so had to stop taking them! Good luck xx

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Ok I'm going to the doctors thurs so I'll say then. Thank you

Have you considered getting a TENS machine? I have one to use in conjunction with painkillers, it can help for some people... Best Β£50 spent for a long time!

Hope you find something that helps xx

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Oh never thought of that I'll look into it, thank you x

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Does it really work? Ive just posted asking about TENs as wasnt sure it would do anything

JellyKat in reply to Hidden

It's bound to be one of those things that will vary from person to person... it's not a magic remedy, but for me it makes a real difference. My OH went out and got me one as I was in tears one evening with awful pain, tried it and it made a significant difference.

I now wear mine throughout the day when the pain is the worst and in an attempt to keep off the heavy painkillers.

It creates an electrical impulse that confuses the nerves that send the pain signals (which are also essentially electrical impulses) to the brain, it's a similar technology that slender tone belts work on, funnily enough, so it's quite safe. My unit was around Β£50-60.

The pads wear out after a while (lose stickiness) and need replacing, they cost Β£12 for two new sets of pads.

For the cost of a haircut & colour, it may be worth a try?

Try alternating paracetamol and ibuprofen at 2 hour intervals. It basically keeps your painkiller levels topped up xx


I take naproxen day and night normally along with alternating paracetamol and dihydrocodine. If it's still bad I usually take either oramorph or pethidine on top of the dihydrocodine. Just depends on how bad the pain is, I usually find a hot water bottle particularly a yuyu hot water bottle helps the most as it wraps all the way around my tummy :) x

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Ahh I not seen one those hot water bottles before so I'll look into it thank u x

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My doctor has given me naproxen today, said I can take with paracetamol, do you find it helps more that nurofen and co-codamol???

I've been gifted with a stomach ulcer to go along with the pain killers used to support me with the pain from my periods, i got told i wouldn't have them any more either so now I'm at brick wall, is there someone who can suggest something other than painkillers that could do the job? I'm in excruciating pain today to the point where I think the only option Could be a hospital run


I use paramol as they are the strongest you can buy without a prescription - paracetamol and dihydrocodiene

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