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Getting worse

I am in pain and fed up. I seem to suffer a lot of pain between cycles. Today it's been bad. Usually on right side, in my hip and pelvis. Now my groin aches as well. When I stand or walk about it sometimes feels like a pulling or stretching sensation.

I have seen my gp a couple of months ago and he can't put me on the pill as I suffer migraines. Just basically told me to take painkillers and get on with it. I try not to take anything if I'm honest so I'm my own worst enemy.

The thought of surgery terrifies me, I suffer anxiety as well as health anxiety. I panicked earlier cos it was really painful. I don't suppose the anxiety helps much.

I tend to find my pain is mainly right hand side.

Anyone offer any tips to cope with it or advice?

Where do u feel your pain? I thought it was my appendix earlier and that made it worse. :(

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the pain can travel...i could feel pain in my knee!!!! just before my period...crazy huh?

if you need surgery and it sound you do then do it....i think pain plus waiting can make you weaker mentally :-/..,..

im sorry you have to suffer...

things which helped me: good diet wheat sugar free, cbd oil (but good make), heating pad, and sometimes paracetamol.,.

im just like you i hate medications and even after 11 hours long operation on my endo 12 days ago i only took 8 paracetamols and 4 ibuprofen like meds...pain was NASTY made me feel sick but i still didnt take it so i get you x


Like you my pain is between cycles but I get pain all over my body. Today though it's my back & left side but also going down into my leg. I know exactly how you feel about surgery as I am exactly the same. It terrifies me & I also suffer with health anxiety & lately anxiety in general. You are not alone. Diet does help to a point. Cutting out processed foods & eating healthily. I feel for you & I honestly do know how you feel. It's awful 😢


Thanks for the replies.

Cryforhelp it's bloody awful isn't it. The anxiety makes it worse :(


It does sadly 😢


My pain is very similar with what you're describing... when you say it's between cycles, is it at ovulation time or right before the period is over? My pain is extremely severe and it scares me like you mention.. and it's worse in the very early hours of the morning. it's a cyclical pain and always comes a day or two after my period is over and lasts for aprox 5 days.. no break :( are you experiencing the same?


It can be any time of the cycle. Tho this time I'm a week or so after period. Ovulation is painful as well.

Sometimes it sucks being female!


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