Nausea, cold hands and feet and headache just after period

I wondered does anyone else suffer from nausea more just after period than at other times of the month? Also my hands and feet get really cold very suddenly and I suffer from headaches. My question is does anyone have these symptoms and if so is it worse during and just after your period? I am anemic also but not sure if that can cause these symptoms? If anyone has any personal experiences or info they could share with me I'd really appreciate it!

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  • Hi, I used to get a bad headache and lethargy a few days after my period. I realised it was iron deficiency and I eat a steak whilst on my period and one after too. Sounds like it might be anaemia, but a GP might be able to advise.

  • Thanks for your reply! I think you may be right there, I am anemic and notice these symptoms more during and after a period so that would make sense!

  • Yes I get the same (extremely cold hands and feet) toward the end and just after my period. I also get nausea and headaches at the end of my period and up to about 3 days afterwards. Feel very sick. I have had it for many years and describe it as my "toxic" phase. I imagine that because of the endometriosis which bleeds into your pelvic area (outside of your uterus) where there is no escape for the blood (other than to be re-absorbed by the body) this puts a strain on your body (liver etc) as it tries to deal with the aftermath of your period. I've always thought this what makes me feel so ill afterwards. Maybe part of it is also the anaemia (from blood/iron loss during the period). Either way our bodies have a lot to try clean up and sort out after a period.

  • Hi thanks for your reply! I think your right there, our bodies go through hell on a period so it's. I wonder we feel so drained afterwards! It helps to know I'm not alone with these awful symptoms! Do you find that it helps to try and eat small amounts even when nauseas? Is there anything you find helps? This is definitely the symptom I struggle to deal with the most!

  • I take Redoxen vitamin C with zinc fizzy tablets you pop in water (buy st Boots/Asda etc). My doc had said loads of vit C and zinc will help. Eating green veg, beetroot, salmon etc help too. Anything that is full of antioxidants to try and detox you (avoid sugar, bread, carbs if you can during this phase). I also have migraleave pink tablets just before bed for nausea and headache. Do you find you also get a sore throat (as if you're about to start a cold) but then it just disappears in a couple of days after the symptoms stop? Happens most months to me at that time.

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