Brown discharge days after period

Hi, I just have been recently diagnosed with endo (lap one and a half month ago), after months of scary symptoms that have started after my first IVF. One of the symptoms was brown discharge with clots, that was followed by cramps/pelvic pain, for several days after my period. I have started progesterone therapy, but I still have this discharge.

Does anyone have that? I had in May a biopsy to test for cervical cancer and it was negative. I am really scared and concerned, since husband and I want to have a baby and try a second IVF in a couple of months.

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I can relate to this, I have endometriosis and my discharge has been quite scary at times, sometimes large dark brown clots. I was extremely anxious on seeing this but consoles myself with remembering that due to the nature of the endometriosis your discharge is going to be different as it is not formed in the womb like a normal period.

Thanks for replying! Sometimes I'm freaking out that it must be some infection (pid) or even cervical cancer, but I have been tested for everything and all other results are normal. What other symptoms do you have? My periods are relatively ok, but I have quite strong cramping before and this discharge after. I also have occasionally sharp vaginal pain and pain in the lower back :-( my periods, that were coming before at 28 days sharp, Now come at any time from the 24th until the 30th day.

This could also be what are known as endometrioma/ chocolate cysts. These are cysts which grow with endometrial tissue on the ovary, can rupture causing intense pain around the groin/hip bone abdomen and down the leg due to the contents of the cyst contains blood which is chocolate brown in colour spilling into the pelvic cavity. Very painful, only detectable on transvaginal ultrasound and can spontaneously shrink away during peaks and troughs in your cycle.

Hi were the clots following lap or Ivf? I have had 3 laparoscopic surgeries for endometriosis over last 7 years with 5 failed assisted conception cycles (iui and ivf). Clots are common after lap due to internal tissue healing. Clot after ivf treatment may be due to the drugs you've been taking and not actually a clot but more a response of dark lumpy discharge.

Hi, I actually had more clots before the lap than now. Before it was followed by sharp pain, exactly like when a cyst bursts, but Now its "Only" brown discharge, without clots. It's always after period. I am currently not on IVF treatment, but on endo progesterone therapy. However, all of this agony did start after the last IVF.

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