After D&C uterus is inflamed causing bladder problems

I had D&C Suction on December 23, 2016 and my recovery was good, spotting but not on medicine because I never cramped or anything. But on January 3, 2017 I started having to go to the bathroom and had a lot of pressure. They did a culture and urinalysis twice and no uti...long story short so far they have told me I have Endometrits and put me on antibiotics which are not working. I suffer especially at night with pressure and going a lot and ibuprofen is my only relief from the pressure and I take the maximum. I guess I am confused because they have not run a lot the usual tests yet for this condition so it's not completely confirmed. Just wondering is anyone had this same problem after D&C?

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  • I had a d and c after my second child. I had endometriosis diagnosed afterwards, it was the start of all my problems over the last year! Hopefully you will recover quickly.

  • I am sorry about your d&c and thank you for responding to my post.....I am frustrated because they have not tested me enough to say I have endo but my uterus is definitely inflamed and going to the bathroom all the time is wearing me out.....They want to treat me with antibiotics and I did that, too but if I start getting around too much....I pay for it in the bathroom. So far antibiotics is not the cure. I have not had a cycle yet because it has only been three weeks since d&c. I hope they figure it out ....what were your symptoms before your diagnosis?

  • I had pain behind my belly button and bowel. You can definitely have on your bladder though. If you don't get relief soon push for a laparoscopy. It was when my cycle came back that I had all the pain. You really have to fight your corner, you know your body better than a gp.

  • Ok good to know....I just met with ob and they made do a cat scan with dye:(. Showed nothing except enlarged uterus and a lot of stool.....the pressure on my bladder has gone for now but I am to rest and take ibuprofen for a little bit......once my first cycle comes back and a different nightmare ensues then I will push for laparoscopy.... did anything help you??? Sorry for being nosey but I really appreciate your time.

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