Can endo cause bladder problems

I constantly feel the need to urinate (sorry for the tmi in this post) but when I go to the bathroom it's just a little bit and not like a full emptying.

I could drink no liquids etc and still need a wee or the feeling of it. If I hold it a little to long, I get lower stomach pain that painkillers won't fix and I get the pain after emptying my bladder if I've held it for like 30 minutes without going bathroom.

Could endo be causing this as I haven't been officially diagnosed but have other signs such as painful sex, painful cramps during period, fatigue and low energy, lower back pain

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Hi there!

Sorry to hear about your problems - I have the exact same thing. I could've JUST gone to the toilet and I'll be holding my wee in not even 5 minutes later.

I've had problems for the past 3 years with continuous cystitis and kidney infections. Do you get any burning sensations when you go to the toilet? And can you see any blood in it?

I have to have a procedure in a few weeks time where they stick a tube with a camera on the end up my urethra and into my bladder to see what's going on. They said it's unlikely to be linked to my endo but there's still a possibility

No there's no burning sensation and I only get blood in my wee during my period and slight pain after emptying

Hi Hun, I had exactly the same problem and tried to ignore it for a few months, in the end it turned out my endo was growing round my kidney, bladder and ureta and had blocked the tube! I had to have two ops on my kidney and three stents fitted and now the right one only works at 5%. I think this is a worst case outcome but please go push for an ultrasound on your kidney and bladder it's worth getting checked early xx

I've had an ultrasound on my stomach which I think was just checking my ovaries and reproductive organs but I'm not sure. I'll mention it at my first gynae appointment and see what they say

That's exactly how my bladder was with endo. Adhesions and scar tissue had caused It which were on the outside of my bladder. The cystoscopy showed nothing for me as that's just inside the bladder and mine was on the outside but it showed on the lap

Did you get like a dull ache in the lower stomach near the pubic bone after having a wee?

Yes and sometimes I'd get period type pain too whilst going, but mostly just the pain. It felt kinda like something was blocking it and I felt like I needed to go all the time. Plus if I hadn't been for a while (an hour or too) it hurt when I walked in my lower stomach) I kept getting suspected uti' s too. I hope whatever it is you get it sorted soon X

Yeah it's like I could go bathroom but not feel fully emptied and feel the need to go like 5 minutes later xx

That's how I felt on and off for months before it got really bad and I had to give up the gym, yoga, going out and go on sick from work as I eventually had days where I couldn't walk. 2 weeks post lap and I feel so much better already. Lots of bladder problems cause the symptoms you have so it might not be endo. If your cystoscopy is clear id ask for a laposcopy to check. It's bloody awful having bladder problems isn't it? Hope you get well soon x

I have blood in my wee only during my period but some people have said that's normal so I'm not sure about that xx

That is definatly not normal!!! I had really bad leg pain and also pain up my bum so bad at times I couldn't sit down but I listened to Drs and people I know who said they had that or knew someone who did so I put up with it for years thinking it was normal. And even if blood in your bladder is 'normal' it's not great as according to a dr I saw it is an irritant to the bladder wall and causes pain so that in itself is enough surely? I really hope you get this sorted soon, sounds like a nightmare!!

Are you sure it's not a uti? I'm recovering from this and sounds very similar - I'm on antibiotics.

No as I don't have any burning when I have a wee

I had very similar symptoms to you before having endo removed from my bladder so I can completely sympathise. However I did suffer with an intense burning pain after having a wee also. The endo was also inside my bladder so the procedure opened my bladder and removed the effected section. It was quite a big procedure and I required two catheters for a few weeks after. The good news is that my bladder symptoms and pain have gone and my bladder is as good as new.

Hope you find an answer soon as I know how miserable it can be.

Catherine 🤞

Thank you, just hope the gynae is good that I'm seeing as I have other pains and symptoms going on xx

Hi, yes I have endo and recently had a MRI. It was discovered on my bladder which explains around ovulation I experience the same symptoms , it does all sound familiar to me, you will feel better with a diagnosis as just knowing why really helps ... good luck x

Thank you, I don't know if it is endo but I'm having painful bowel movements if I've not been for a bit (sorry tmi haha) and I keep needing to wee yet it's not full my bladder unless it's tiny. But I have a slight pain in my right side near my ovary/ pubic bone xx

Yes I experaince a pain in the same place, almost like a bubble has appeared there ? X

It's hard to describe the pain xx

A deep pain inside like you can pull it out😭😭😭😭

Wow we are twins right now😭😭😭😭i tried to avoid drinking alot of fluids but it didn't work. Constantly going to the bathroom.

Yeah it's so annoying as a little bit of water can set off the feeling of needing a wee


I have the same symptoms as you and it's driving me mad. I had to get up for the toilet four times last night and then when I go back to bed i feel really uncomfortable and still feel like I need to wee again. I have severe endometriosis and am waiting for my op to have it all removed in January and definitely think it's related to this. I also have painful bowel movements due to having endo on my bowels and suffer fatigue. The only way you will know if you have endo is by having a laparoscopy. Hope you get some answers.

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