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Bladder problems

Hi all many of you will know I had a hysterectomy (due to adenomyosis) BSO and excision last month. I've been having problems with my bladder since August last year - constant need to go, not fully emptying and pain while going but no infection. It was thought this was due to 11cm endometrioma putting pressure on bladder. Since the op it has continued to get worse. I have a vaginal infection which GP has given me antibiotics for. She believes this will solve my bladder issues. I feel so frustrated as I know there must be something causing this and not the vaginal infection as It has been going on for so long. Why do GP's not listen. I know I'm going to have to go back again and again. Sorry for the rant just so mad right now.

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Oh Jean, 

I'm so sorry to read this, as you know I had my hysterectomy last month also. Do you think your bladder not emptying properly now could just be because of all the aggravation it has gone through? As mine was the same after my hysterectomy, I'm still only on week 6 but can tell its easing, do you think it just needs more time to heal??

I'm here if you need to vent anytime, I know how frustrating this illness and doctors can be! 

Take care

Kelly xx 


Hi Hun I've been like this since August and it just seems to be getting worse not better. Had a lot of problems with bowels especially after op but they have improved so much now. For the first time since I can remember I go every day now. Just wish I could sort bladder out. So fed up with the pain and constantly needing to go. Along with all this when I had op I was getting severe lower back pain and I was supposed to have a spinal anesthetic as well as a general, but they couldn't do it due to a problem with the discs. He wasn't sure but thought it might be arthritis (which I do have in knees and hips). Spoke to GP she wouldn't even look at that part of my spine just looked at top half where I don't get pain. What was the point. It took me 30 years to get endo and adeno diagnosed . Don't want to carry on like this. Sorry Hun really down at the moment and I've got a stinking cold to top it all off.hope you are well.


Oh bless you!! Don't apologise, you are/ have been going through so much, it's not surprising you're feeling down!!!.. Like you say it's so frustrating to know your pain and to get fobbed off time and time again, you seem to go around in circles, sometimes I would wonder whether what I was saying to my dr was actually coming out loud as they seem to do the opposite...

I know you are going through a lot and it gets you so down, it took my dream 21 years to diagnose my endo, by which time I'm mentally and physically drained and on antidepressants!!!.. You're not alone lovely, if you want to private pm me at any point I'm happy to give you my mobile no. So we can text. 

Please don't be too hard on yourself, like me , you are still recovering from a MAJOR operation!! Then with a cold on top (snap, I've had a chest infection too) it's absolutely exhausting. I sat and cried last night as I just feel so fed up with feeling ill, I honesty can't remember the last time I felt healthy!! 

Keep your chin up lovely. Xxxx


Thank you so much Hun. I've actually just read a article that was saying a lack of oestrogen can cause problems with bladder. I just don't know what I'm doing at the moment I was doing so well and now I seem to be going downhill and don't know why. I can't sleep my appetite is dropping off and I love food! Just want to cry all the time. It's my poor husband I feel sorry for he just doesn't know how to help. But there's nothing he can do. I'm just glad he's here. Thank you again Hun .

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Hi Kelly just thought I'd let you know I've been back to see GP who originally got all this started and he agrees that something isn't right. So he's sending me for further tests to find out what is going on, but in the meantime has given me some tablets that should help. He also signed me off for another month, said he didn't want me going back to work until I'd seen my consultant again. 

 My only worry now is that my husband is now stressing out over money. I feel like he's saying I should go back even though I don't feel ready. 

I know things are going to be hard but my worry is that if I go back before I'm ready I could make things worse. So now I don't know what to do for the best. Do I go back next Friday and hope that it'll be ok or do I listen to GP? 

Would really welcome your thoughts.

Hope you're doing ok.


Oh my lovely how bloody rotten for you!! As if you haven't been through enough!!!.... Ok so I have a few questions so bear with me, did the dr give any indication as to what could be wrong?? How's your appetite now and the crying? Could it be all hormonal related!??... Are you in pain???

I truly understand how being off for another month is a worry for both you and your husband, but if you go back to work and let's say pass out or worse then you may be signed off for even longer! Your health is the most important thing and I'm sure your hubby knows that!... These three months that I'm signed off for I get no pay as I have exceeded my pay in work  from being sick so much, and having time off after my other operations!.. We were both panicking but after contacting my HR team I realised that I could claim SSP (statatory sick pay), which equates to £70 something a week. It's no where near what I would normally earn but it's something! We have cut back on food and anything else we can. 

At the end of the day you will manage I'm sure. Your health is so important hun,if it were your husband poorly you wouldn't want him in work struggling. 

Speak to him and tell him how you are feeling, you're recovering from a major operation and have now hit complications, you need his support. 

Please let me know how you are getting on and what your consultant says! 

Look after yourself and message me anytime!!... If you want my mobile number to chat privately then please say. I'm here for you and to help however I can. 

Kelly xxx 


Hi Kelly GP thinks it may be something to do with the muscle that controls the bladder hence the pills which should help relax it. My appetite is ok I wouldn't say normal and yes I'm in pain. The pain has been worse this last week which is why i went back to the nice and helpful GP! 

Have spoken to hubby and he's ok with everything  although still worrying(which isn't like him when it comes to money, think I've had a bad impact on him in that respect. Just not used to him being sensible when it comes to money).

He agrees that my health is more important and he has always been my rock. Don't know what I'd do without him. 

 GP thinks me not sleeping and being really emotion is a combination of what's happened and menopause. So hoping that when I see my consultant again on 19th May he will start me on hrt which hopefully will help. 

GP also thing consultant might want to do further tests regarding bladder but wanted to get the ball rolling so to speak. 

 Enough about me , how are you?


Oh bless you Jean!!

I'm so pleased that your husband is supporting you, we sound very similar in that respect as my husband is my rock also, I honestly don't know where I would be now if it wasn't for him!!.. I keep telling him that he got a raw deal when he married me and said in sickness and in health in our vows!!! ... I feel sorry for him too!!

I'm doing well, I saw my Endo nurse Tuesday and she has signed me off now as everything's ok! I'm over the moon, but still not convinced that my bladder is ok. I'm still experiencin a drawing heavy feeling when finishing weeing and get low pain, plus I can only seem to go 2 hrs t the most without weeeing!!... I'm up all through the night so am shattered!... 

She said I have to give it at least 6 months after such a major and invasive operation for everything to settle down. If I'm still experiencin problems then she will investigate!!!...

I'm just hoping the symptoms go to be honest, but we shall see!!!! 😔 Xxx


That actually sounds a lot like me. I tend not to drink anything in the evening and make sure I go just before bed to avoid getting up. Doesn't always work and most nights I end up getting up any way because I can't sleep. It's exhausting isn't it.  

 With me it's just getting worse rather than better so I don't think mines to do with the op. 

So are you back at work now? How's it going?


Oh god no I'm not back at work yet! My surgeon signed me off for 3 months, so I'm due back on 31 May! ... I'm hoping I'll be a lot better by then!!! 



May pm you during the week while hubby is at work.

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Of course, any time xx 

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Jean so sorry to read your post. You have been through so much.  Have you seen a urologist? I am sure you haven't got the physical/mental energy to consider another battle with your GP.  But maybe worth a mention as the problem has gone on so long?  

Best wishes xxx


That's why I went to GP today. She didn't really want to know , said because I have a vaginal infection it could be that . The infection only occurred post op so I know it's not that . Think I've got another battle to fight, just hope this one doesn't take 30 years like the last one! I've decided to leave things for now until I see my consultant again next month and see what he says.  Then if things are not any better then I will go to GP every week until they listen and do something to find out what is wrong. I won't give up even if it means causing a scene. GP just made me so mad today .hope you're ok Hun.

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Hi Jean

It sounds a bit like interstitial cystitis (IC). I developed it after my lap last October. It is similar to having a UTI but there is no infection so antibiotics are pointless. Sometimes it goes away on its own but some are left with it for ever! Mine is very mild and doesn't cause enough issues for me to get it treated but i think you can get it treated so ask your GP to send you to see a urologist.

K xxx


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