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Hysteroscopy and coil fitted

Hi all, i had a hsg test march 2015,was told to take some painkillers beforehand which i took tramadol and codeine and i was in so much pain during it, may 2015 i had a lap which i had a ga so didn't know anything about it. I then fell pregnant same month, but im struggling with my periods again and they have booked me in for a hysteroscopy and coil fitting next Tuesday, (i dont even want the coil hubby had the snip) they have told me to take painkillers beforehand and that it shouldn't hurt. Well im freaking out about it. How painful is it? X

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Firstly if you are sure you don't want it then don't be forced to have it there are progestogen pills you can have instead, the drawback being that it affects your whole body rather than being local and focused in the areas where the endo tends to be.

I am 6 weeks into having mine and only agreed on the basis I could have it whipped out if I was unhappy. My husband had the snip too so it is purely for the endo. It was under GA at the time of my lap so I can't help on how painful insertion is. It has had significant unpleasant side effects but appears in the last couple of days that it is starting to settle but it's really not been easy. I bled like being on a period near continuously since the 4 th day after the op which gave me bad fatigue and I felt cold, white and shakey and have had a test for iron deficiency due to the amount of bleeding.

I'm starting to feel better in myself now and bleeding has almost completely stopped just in the last few days, so the attractive prospect of no more periods which I was losing hope in has re emerged for me .

If you go for it it's at least a 3 month commitment to try it as I does take time to settle and some people can't tolerate the effects they get so it's a question of if the benefit outweighs the side effects. All treatments have some after or side effects though, including excision surgery.

There is no silver bullet sadly for most of us.



I had mine fitted Nov 2016 and just to nurofen. It wasn't too bad, a little uncomfortable at its worst.


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