Adenomyosis and the Coil

Hi Everyone.

I've had the coil fitted over 6 weeks ago to help with the adenomyosis, but im constantly having crippling cramps, every day since its been fitted. (ironically, worse than i ever did before the coil) - does anyone know if this is just a side effect of the coil that will eventually stop, or its worse because of the adeno? It feels like everyday im taking strong painkillers to help, and this just cant be right

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  • Have you had children? Apparently the coil can be more crampy for ladies who haven't. I currently have a Mirena, haven't struggled too badly with cramps but had constant bleeding with it. I think it's something that agrees with lots of ladies but not everyone xxx

  • I've not experienced that with my Mirena and neither have I had children. The doctor might say it's easier to insert if you have had children but I had great consultants who made the experience bearable.

    The only cramps I've had were for a couple of hours after insertion/replacement.

    I would suggest getting a referral to check what's going on and causing the cramps and to check the Mirena is positioned properly.

    Good luck

  • No, i dont have any kids. The cramps i experienced when it first got put in were the worst things ive ever felt. 6 weeks later and they're not as bad, but still horrific. I think you're right, i need to go back to the doctors to check its okay. Thanks everyone :)

  • Hi - I have not had children either and 5 years ago had the coil fitted during a laparoscopy. First 4 months I was in severe pain and thought they just hadn't got rid of the endo properly... however after that things started to improve and for next 4 years I had very minimal pain and actually got my life back on track! 2 weeks ago I had my coil taken out and they tried to put another back in... didn't work as cervix clamped up but they tried again last week and it's back in! Cramping has been so bad though, not able to sleep at night, but know that three months of pain is worth the 4 years of a pain free life!

  • Hi Bryonys, ahh thanks so much for that. Makes me feel so much better now knowing that its normal. Yeh i agree, hopefully it wont be much longer of cramping then!

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