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Endo pain or kidney infection???!

Hi ladies feeling so sorry for myself today, woke up with flu symptoms headache, sore throat, nausea, everything hurts in my entire body feel like I've been hit by a car but the lower back pain is by far the worst. I can barely walk it's that bad and even lay down it's unbearable. Does anyone else find it difficult to tell whether you're poorly and your endo is flaring up or whether you have a kidney infection? I have lower back pain every day but today is worst. Don't know whether to go hospital or not.

Any help appreciated. Thanks! X

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Do you have a temperature in addition to the other symptoms? Definitly get checked out either by out of hours doctor or go to A and E.I have had the same symptoms many times,thinking it was endo flare but actually was a full blown kidney infection and that is no joke,as was so serious there was worry about permanent kidney damage.With a kidney infection you will feel fluish,shivery,achey and may or may not be passing water frequently. If you cant get attention tonight make an emergency GP appointment and take with you a urine sample for testing - 1st thing in morning,mid stream sample.

In the meantime drink plenty water.

Do keep me posted.Hope you get seen to very soon.

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Me too! I'm on antibiotics now for a kidney infection. I left it a week thinking it was just my usual 'pains'. Check with gp for sure. I find it really hard to differentiate between endo and being poorly xx


If you start vomiting/have a temperature you could have an infection.

I've got endo on my bladder and have had kidney pain for a few months now. If you go to your gp they can do a urine dipstick to check for blood in urine. They can also take a urine sample and blood test to send off to hospital.

I went to my GP and they found blood in my urine and said where i had the pain was my kidneys.However my blood/urine samples came back negative for infection. I've had scans to rule out kidney stones. So my kidney pain is still under investigation. On tramadol at the moment for the pain.


Thanks so much for the advice! Yeah I have got a temperature, Ill keep an eye on symptoms, if they get worst I'll go to a and e. Finding it difficult at the minute been bleeding for about a month straight, and been in pain every single day with stomach cramps or back pain


Go to a&e now I had the same flu like symptoms and very sore lower right side pain I left it thinking it was a cyst that had burst and thought I'll be ok its just a cyst, my strong pain relief would let me sleep for a couple of hours but then I would wake up drenched in sweat and in more pain, so my boyfriend took me to a&e after I started to shake and sweat but felt cold and my fingers were going numb turned out my blood was going septic as I had a severe kidney infection and if I hadn't gone to hospital that night I would have died as my doctor said


How are you doing - just hoping you are ok?


Hi daffodil! I am doing a lot better today thankyou, went to the doctors and got antibiotics, turned out it was indeed a kidney infection! Just lucky that from the advice that was given to me or else I might have left it longer so thanks ladies for all your help! X


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