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Endo related rectal pain?


Hello everyone!

Has anyone experienced rectal pain with endometriosis? 😣

I think I’ve developed this symptom recently and I think it’s endo related because it comes with the other flare up symptoms.

Please help if you have experienced this. I’m scared it could be something serious.

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Hi yes I had so much rectal pain I was passing out, the scar tissue can attach to anywhere. I had a hysterectomy 4 years ago after 26 years of investigations finding nothing when I had the hysterectomy they found severe and extensive endometrious it took 8 hours instead of 3-4 and another 3-4 he didn't do, my bowel had to be reconstructed as almost completely stuck with scar tissue, that was after doctor told me to go away and take anti depressants as it was all in my head.

zowzie47 in reply to zowzie47

I realize this might not be as positive as you would like, but if I can stop someone else suffering for as long as I did then that's my positive x

Imyogi in reply to zowzie47

Wow, it’s amazing the amount of fobbing off we receive isn’t it! I have severe colon/rectal pain too on a daily basis, I’m awaiting an mri and possibly further surgery and so scared of ending up with a colostomy bag which is what they said in my last surgery!

I'm sorry you are having this symptom, it is so uncomfortable and painful. I've had endometriosis for 15 years but actually only started having that symptom about 5 years in. But it is a commonly reported symptom of endometriosis along with constipation/diarrhea. Buscopan can help with the cramping when passing stools.

Morning love,

Yes, I get that sharp pain / ache/ throb/ pain when passing stool or wind, in my rectum, sometimes with nausea.

Also feel like I need to "go" when I actually don't. All this coincides with period & ovulation times.

My cervix is also retroverted & pushes straight back towards my rectum - I know this makes my bowels feel full when they're not - it feels like constipation but it isn't for me, personally, although I know it is an issue for others . I very rarely get constipation.

I am on the waiting list for a diagnostic laparoscopy (has taken 20 years to be listened to), so I have medically unconfirmed endo.


I’m sorry to hear this. I don’t really know what do to about it but I get such a sharp pain in my inner rectal area and it’s so sharp it takes my breath away. I haven’t been diagnosed just told I have ibs.

I hope you find out what it is maybe mention it to your doctor xx

Sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. I had endo and adhesions in my pouch of Douglas, which caused my rectum to become completely entangled. The pain was so bad I could barely sit down and I would often bleed and be left in agonising pain after bm’s. As soon as I had the lap and everything removed, my symptoms disappeared. It took nearly 6 years from when my symptoms started to having it removed. This was my second recurrence of endo so I knew the signs immediately, but everyone kept telling me it was all in my head or that I just had ibs 🙄. I had MRI’s and a sigmoidoscopy, but due to the location of the endo, it was never picked up on tests. Thankfully, when I finally saw a team who understood endo, they knew that I needed a lap to investigate and removed it all. Hope you get the treatment you need and feel better very soon xxx

Sorry to hear you’re having this pain too. It really sucks - makes me stop breathing it’s so sharp sometimes. I’ve found that along with a warm bath, mixing between squatting and going on ‘all fours’ helps. Sometimes rocking back and forth on the toilet helps passing stools or wind. I’ve found it’s really important not to eat bread, rice, pasta, popcorn etc. around period time helps too.

Side note - I’ve been taking magnesium, ultra concentrated krill oil and a b complex daily for 2 months and I cannot express how much it’s helped with not only ends symptoms but I’m pretty much pms free!

Love to all 🌻

Sorry to hear that. It's horrible and sadly my experience is very much like Zowie47. I had every test imaginable, often causing severe pain and flare ups, told all in my head and to take antidepressants. I didn't because it wasn't! Over 30 years to get a laparoscopy and diagnosis, one operation 5.5 hours, a second operation 6.5 hours.

Still not actually cured, just improvement. Bowel symptoms are still the worst thing I suffer with.

Please just keep insisting that you are in need of investigation. This should not still be happening.

Good luck! XX

I also had hyst and ovaries removed 17 years ago.

So sorry you have this too. The bowel pain, deep inside, could be so excruciating it made me sweat from every pore. This pain would make an unwelcome appearance whenever I was aroused, if I had an orgasm and after sex. I had a lap to remove some endo in and on my womb a year and half ago (have also lost an ovary and fallopian tube previously) but they did not find any on the bowel. The consultant said he had never heard of these pains being associated with endo!!!!! and I would need to have my GP refer me to a bowel specialist.

So - I did my own research and found it is very common, and is often caused by a disorder with the pelvic floor muscles, which triggers the levator ani muscles in the rectum. (look up levator ani syndrome). It is triggered by surgeries, adhesions, pelvic pain, etc. which cause the pelvic floor muscles to tighten too much. The best treatment is pelvic floor physiotherapy (find a physio that specialises). I also found listening to guided meditations and self-hypnosis aimed at relaxing these muscles worked brilliantly in time. Try hypnosisdownloads.com or similar for a downloadable script on pelvic floor disorders or just google videos on meditations, etc. I also found a video on youtube made by a physio that showed you some of the exercises they do. I now suffer much less with this. Good luck.

Please don't worry, we can't see into our bodies ourselves so I've realised there's no point assuming the worst.

Do you have a good gynaecologist that understands endometriosis? It's important to ask for an MRI with contrast to see if there's any endometriosis on or in the layers of the bowel. Although the scan isn't very reliable it can show endo in the bowel if an experienced radiologist is looking at it

Are you getting any rectal bleeding during your periods?

I had severe bowel pain and rectal bleeding during my periods, I have endo on the inside wall of my bowel. But for most people it doesn't go all the way through.

Happy to share what's helped me (natural remedies) if you send a private message

I have very severe rectal pain of my first day of period and rectal bleeding during my period.I am not diagnosed yet but will see an endo specialist next month.

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