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I've been off work since my lap op due to an infection in my wound. I've had swabs taken but have to wait for results to come back as they have to see what grows on it.. Lovely! I received a letter from the hospital Saturday saying I needed double dose of 2 different tablets.. Obviously doctors aren't open on a Saturday. I'm due back at work Monday and can't get an appointment with my doctor until Monday. I'm pretty sure due to the infection they'll sign me off another week. I've been off work for a month now and my family are saying I should be back at work now and that im letting work down. I'm in two minds what to do, I know the decision is my own but I'm now worried about work. I've not been feeling right due to the infection( sick, high temp, dizziness, pain, extreme fatigue).. Need this space to have a little rant.

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  • I've also been off work for a while. My advice would be to see the Dr and go with what they say. Dont feel that your letting work down as If you've not been feeling well and you have an infection you may not be able to do your job as well as if you felt well? may be best to go back once your feeling better rather than risk going back early and feeling worse? good luck. X

  • I'm just worried what they'll say at work though. I don't want to let people down and have my family moan at me because of it. I'm worried that the doctor won't give me a sick note and then I'll be stuffed for work xxx

  • If you are unwell due to this infection then you are not fit for work. You must go to gp on Monday and get your prescription sorted, also speak to your gp regarding work and get signed off. I have been signed off for 2 months due to my serious endo. Rest up and try not to worry. X

  • I'm worried what work will say as I'm already on a formal sickness review plan. I feel like I should go in just for the day but then when I see the doctor he may sign me off so my sickness thing starts all over again. But then what if he doesn't sign me off and Im not covered for being off. I hate this part of it all. I feel guilty for being off work xxx

  • If your gp says you aren't fit for work and signs you off do it! Try not to worry about work and maybe ask your gp to write to them explaining the situation. But hun don't feel guilty you can't help being ill. Hugs x

  • I know what you mean about worrying as I'm the same but work won't thank you for going in and being unwell. Perhaps call them Monday morning and advise you are seeing the Dr, that your still not well and then call them after once you've seen the Dr? If your still not feeling well and ask for a sick note I doubt the Dr will refuse to give you one. Also if you go back for one day and then go off sick again it can be viewed as another period of sickness rather than the same sickness. I hope this makes sense. x

  • I'm worried the doctor won't give me a sick note. Yeah that's why I'm reluctant to go back as it'll be another sickness period when I'm already on a sickness review plan formal :( I'm so unsure on what to do xxx

  • If your still not feeling well and have an infection I'm sure they will give you one. If the Dr refuses then ask to speak to someone else? I was in this situation earlier this week. My gp was on holiday and I saw someone else. I just asked for the sick note and made it clear that I am not feeling well enough to work. x

  • Does an infection make you feel poorly in general? Like dizzy, tired and lots of pain. Sounds silly but that's what I went to the doctors about less than a week ago and they done blood tests. It come back something was inflamed due to infection. which explains now that I have an infection, just had to wait for the swabs to come back xxx

  • Yes an infection can make you feel really unwell dizzy,shaky,headaches,tired and weak. Get to see gp ASAP hun you need antibiotics x

  • I agree with the post above. An infection can definitely make you feel that way. Good luck with the GP. C

  • Oh lovely i'm so sorry to hear this its the last thing you need after surgery! Please please please don#t listen to people telling you that you are letting work down and you should be doing anything other than resting and getting better! If you over do anything other than that right now you risk getting seriously worse and then you'l be off even longer! If you are signed off you are signed off and you really do need to take the time your body needs to heal before going back. I have the same problem when i take time off, my mu hasnt worked for years and she still thinks employers are how they were when she worked but we have so much more rights now. I know its hard and we all feel it sometimes but you must never feel guilty for being unwell with this illness. If somedays you feel like you can do nothing other than lay in bed with pain relief then thats all you should do. x

  • I have been off since September due to endo amd dizzy spells. In the last 3 years I've hardly been able to work. I'm quite lucky as my employer is very understanding.

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