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Hi All,

I have suspected endo and waiting for a date for my first Lap.

I have had quite a bit off time off at work recently due to pain, doc appointments and general illness cold/flu which i had for 7 weeks! My work are starting to give me a hard time about taking sick days.

When i have my period (like today) just getting out of bed and going to work is a struggle, I am in so much pain and feel emotionally drained, I am starting to fee really depressed and I am scared im going to loose my job that I worked so hard to get! I am only 21 and I am not ready to work reduced hours etc, who's going to help pay my bills.

How do you all cope? How do you support yourself if you cant work all the time? I dont feel I can put my financial pressure onto my partner as he has enough on his plate.

I just feel like this is ruining my life, going to work is such hard work, I have no social life, my relationship is suffering and no one (family or work) understands what im going through.

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  • Hiya, sorry to hear you're having a hard time. I'm 25 and I'm currently waiting on my lap date. I struggled into work for almost a year getting by with my medication and a hot water bottle when I could. I've now been signed off my work since Feb as I just couldn't push myself anymore. I was coming home from work and falling asleep on the couch and just wasn't living. I've had to give up my gym membership, cancel plans with my family/friends and partner and it definitely takes its toll! Luckily my work have been really understanding and have said they don't want me back until I'm 100% fit enough and my companies sickness policy and pay are good so I've managed to support myself. I do worry about the possibility of having to reduce hours however I'm hoping when I've had my lap and on proper treatment I can get myself back on my feet. x

  • Sorry to hear you are going thru this. I know the feeling...was in similar sitation. But doing the lap is step in the right direction. But rem if you have any endo on the ovaries stress that they preserve them as much as possible and don't cut then to much. My first lap I told them drain the endometrioma/cysts and not cut it away because this can lower yourAMH. If you plan on wanting kids. Also I had zoladex for 6 months after lap. This really helped the pain. I also stop eating chicken and beef esp burgers. .they are filled with xenoestrogens which makes endo worse. Eat lots of fish. Make the change now. Good luck it gets better here on out!! Xx

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