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feeling sick during and after period, lost of appetite, brain fog, anxiety

hi guys,

im stage 4 endometriosis. im having full excision next week on friday. my endo is on my bladder, colon, ovaries etc. i noticed some strange symptoms and so far this is new to me...hmmm maybe not so new because i had some before but not that intense. during my period i felt very sick, like vomit. im off food for 5 days now. just finished my period. i have problem to fo to toilet, i mean i go but only little. this problem i have for long time during period so thats fine. i just wonder if feeling sick and off food is linked with my colon being infammed? also i have this feeling of 'inpatient' cant explain. lack of focus, brain fog....i hardly can sleep. is it connected all to colon? or maybe im stressed because of this surgery coming up....i dont know. im scared im sick with something else and im anout to go through this long operation :-(....pls can somebody help....

thank you x

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Hi I know how you feel I have same symptoms it probably a mixture of feeling unwell ant ur op but try and be positive they will get you sorted 😀 Hang in there! I'm having my 1st lap next Saturday! 😀 X

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Hi Martoosha, I've just had the full excision surgery in West Yorkshire two weeks ago, I had stage 4 ends with a frozen pelvis, it took seven hours and quite honestly I jumped out of bed the next day! I was initially worried the surgery was postponed as the recovery pain was minimal but my wonderful doctor said everything has been taken out and the surgery was a success.

I did ask the nurses if I could leave my catheter in all night as I just wanted to sleep and they kindly did and told the doctor the next day they forgot to do it in the night! I also started taking Arnica a few days not sure if this helped as well.

Two weeks later I'm feeling really good, it's still a little sore inside but it's manageable, I flew home to Dubai yesterday with ease.

Good luck with your surgery and message me if you need to.


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hi nisha,

may i ask was your doctor dr ashwin trahan? thats my doctor...

my operation is 6th of january so 5days to go....

i had my first lapo with him back in sep and ovary removed.

were you sick from general? my surgery will be around 9h. thats what he said....

im very very scared :-(

please keep ke updated please. i will follow you because i guess you are 3 weeks ahead....

im glad you are doing well xxx


Hi yes he was my surgeon and he was fantastic. I had a lap with him in July to help with some of the pain which improved significantly and then the big surgery just now.

I did vomit twice after I woke up but to be honest it was not much at all as the stomach is empty anyway, the bowel prep was worse!!!!

I was scared but I had faith in him and his experience to know I was in safe hands and that I was fortunate enough to have him as my doctor.

The recovery is really quick in comparison to other surgeries I have had, on day 5 I walked to a hairdresser and also flew from Manchester to London.

On another note, I'm a strict vegetarian and only have a small amount of dairy, I found sticking to simple food reduced some of the pain.

Try and stay positive and be determined to beat it.

Nisha xxx


thank you for another lovely reply. can i just ask...why bowel preparation was bad? did you also vomit? im scared of that part to.

regarding diet, im full organic, sugar and wheat free. i only eat fish amd sometimes chicken but very rare. i do eat sometimes cottage cheese so maybe i should cut this off?

i hate being sick, i have vomit-fobia and i know its just some time and then goes away and in the big picture couple of vomits hahaha its nothing....

on thursday im planning to be on soup and broth only so maybe it will be easier with bowel preperation? any advice? im sorry im asking so much...

marta xx


Hi, don't worry about asking questions, I didn't vomit with bowel prep I just hated rushing to the bathroom every 5 mins!!!

I wasn't suggesting changing your diet, I was just saying the vegetarian diet works for me. You can ask the anaesthetist if they can give you something to control the nausea beforehand, not sure they can but it's worth a try and also you may not even vomit.

I ate granola for breakfast then just light drinks after that as per the doctors instructions, I wasn't too hungry afterwards, I just wanted to get on with it.

Think about it like this in 10 days time you will be well enough to do normal things again and be able to get on with life.

Nisha x


thank you so so much :-*

yes i will try everything i can to make this experiance easier.

you sound like a strong person i envy you for that ;-)

yes you are right if everything goes smooth in 2 weeks time i will be done with the worst part (hopefully) and on my way to recover and less pain....

i wish you all the best but pls keep updating me on how you feeling and how is the recovery.

marta x


Good luck Marta, feel free to contact me if you need.

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