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Sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired!!! anyone have any idea how to stop this tiredness??

I am so sick of feeling knackerd all the time. If i go to bed early and sleep well im shattered if i have a layin im shattered, if i go to be a bit later to avoid to much sleep in shattered again.

Working is becoming very hard as can barely stay awake. I have tried doing more and being more active but this dosent work either i am just constantly tired. does anyone have any suggestions on how to wake up a bit?

thank you x x

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No suggestions or ideas but just wanted you to know your not alone. Work is becoming very difficult for me too. And when I'm having one of my very very tired days I feel weak and wierd and go dizzy alot. X


aw bless you. i know its so horrible people call you lazy and moan at you that your always tired but what can we do its all part of the endo.

i hate it sitting at my desk and trying so hard to keep my eyes open its horrible. Have tried going for walks and runs but that just makes it worse when i relax im asleep straight away. oh well guess we are just sleeping beauties lol x x


I should go and see a doctor for full blood test. I have the same problem and blood test found vitamin B12 and folic deficiency sine taking these tablets I feel like a new person.


I agree with falcon486 I can medicines that contains b vitamins, folic acid and i take vitamin d and zinc tablets separately sometimes i buy fish oils too. I don't drink coffee mainly energy drinks and fruit juice. Also i don't eat diary foods and try to eat less bread and potatoes. I found this helps me and before i go bed i drink 2 bags in one cup of camomille tea with lots of honey.


Thank you this is worth a try. I love coffee but find it has the reverse effect of what it is meant to do so rather then waking me up it makes me more tired. I have some folic acid and Vitamin b tablets at home i will have to try this.

Thank you for your advice x x


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