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Think I have endometriosis, have been anxiety ridden and worried sick


For the past couple weeks I've been suffering from some of my worst anxiety ever, especially health anxiety. If I didn't think I was having a heart attack, I was thinking my throat was closing, or I had a brain tumor (obviously none of these things were true) but day by day I was recovering from panic attacks, getting less of them each day.

For some info, I normally have abnormal periods, sometimes missing months due to what I believe is stress and diet changing so often. It's been like that for quite a while. I also have had all my "period life" very heavy and painful periods. The cramping used to make me cry, and it'd be so heavy I'd stay home from school. I'm 24 now. I used to be on bc pill but after I no longer had a doctor, I stopped taking it, bringing back heavy flows.

Now back to the present, during this anxiety crisis I've been having, I had my period, then the day after I felt what I thought were cramps, and maybe a burning sensation. I asked my mom if this was normal, to get cramps after a period, the day after, and she said it was common for me. (I always go to to mom when I'm unsure or nervous) I took some ibuprofen and shrugged it off. A couple days would pass and I would feel a mild sensation now and then, but wasn't thinking much of it. Sunday cake around and it was what I hoped to be one of my better days for anxiety. I had 1 bad attack in a restaurant in the morning, causing me to lose my appetite. (I had been losing it slightly the past couple days as well, though it would come back, due to the height of my anxiety) I got over the attack, nibbled on some chili fries, and went on about my day. We spent it walking around an amusement park for our friend's birthday, mixed with about 2 hours of standing while they waited in line for a ride. It was about when they came back I felt kind of a pulling in my thigh but again, didn't think too much into it. It wasn't until we were on our way to dinner in the car that I decided to Google things and instead of just accepting the first couple results, I kept digging until something said cancer. This sent me into another spiraling attack and I lost my appetite completely. For the past 2 days I had been scared out of my mind and trying to get my appetite back as my fiance calms me down during my attacks. (To note, if I start to eat, it feels good, I can keep the food down and everything) since the Sunday scare, I've also made myself constipated. All the hightened symptoms I get spiral out of control due to anxiety and stress. Not to mention because I've been in fight or flight mode for about a week or so, my nerves have been eating away at my stomach, causing things like heart burn and such. (Especially with all the ibuprofen I use)

I only just felt some relief last night from another attack by looking into endometriosis instead, the first thing I saw when I originally looked up what I was feeling. Seeing stories of other people experiencing the same thing, and it leading to this gave me such a needed peace of mind.

I'll tell you all everything I've been feeling as far as this specific thing goes.

The day after my period, I got cramps and maybe a burning sensation. It would go away and come back through a similar sensation and discomfort different days. Sometimes feeling it throughout the groin region, sometimes just on the left. I did some yoga on Monday and it felt really good to stretch everything out, but I was really really sore the next day, making any discomfort hard to recognize as that. I have a loss of appetite but still manage to eat some. I feel like I might be constipated but have managed to go every morning. (Just this morning ive gone twice, but it appears to be diarrhea) Every time I find a moment of relief from anxiety or scares, I feel like I might start feeling hungry, so I nibble on things, or if I'm really feeling good, wolf something down. Sometimes when I'm sitting or laying, I feel the discomfort on my right side of my groin. It's not necessarily a sharp pain, but just a discomfort feeling. Last night, I felt an almost achey pain in both sides, likely both ovaries, just once or twice.

I'm not able to see a gyn until I can get on some insurance, but anything at all to reassure me, whether it be your own stories, any similar stories, something to help me understand and.... relax, would be the world to me.

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It sounds like you have health anxiety and the googling of symptoms you try and stop. Even if you gradually stop so for example when you are anxious over an illness you could allow yourself 5 minutes googling and lower the amount of time.

Also look at the probability of you having a certain illness. For example you said a braintumour. This is rare and causes extreme confusion and headaches which can be unbearable.

I know how hard it is and i have it myself. I had CBT therapy for it which helped.

With regards to your periods and possibility of Endometriosis you need an ultrasound on your pelvis and transvaginal scan to diagnose PCOS and a laparoscopy for Endo.

If you need any more advice feel free to message me.

Good Luck and stay positive 😊

Cactibun in reply to tinkspink

Thank you so much this helps more than you know. My biggest concerns now are my lack of appetite, possible gas buildup/constipation and hyper awareness of any discomfort I feel on my right, possible ovary. I can't tell if most of it is in my head or not. My stress and anxiety have got me all out of whack, it's the worst it's ever been.

I know once the anxiety is out of my system, I can start to focus on any left overs, but it's so hard. I used to be on paxil but it made me feel so sluggish and it ruined my sex drive. I don't want to have to be on medication again but I don't know what else to do

tinkspink in reply to Cactibun

I have had the same anxiety around appetite. Some days i only have 1 meal and don't feel hungry so I start to worry and google symptoms. I notice that a week before Iam due on a period I can eat everything and anything so i try to relieve my anxietu thinking its hormonal.

Get a period tracker app and note down when you have a period and it estimates when you ovulate. I can get a pain in one ovary and i check my app to see if iam ovulating. The app I use is called Clue. Its brilliant to help with all sorts from tracking sex, bowel movements to spots.

Remember that our mind is powerful and can play all sorts of tricks on us x

Also try and do things to relieve your anxiety. Take a bath, read or watch netflix.

Colouring for adults.

Mindfullness is good aswell and it gets you to focus on your body in a positive way and to let go of anxious thoughts x

Cactibun, it sounds like you have been having an awful time. I hate to sound like a cliche and I can tell you already know this but you will be surprised how much these symptoms are heightened by your stress and anxiety. You are stuck in a cycle because you have trained your brain to spot every twinge or change in your body. I am not saying that the pain and discomfort isn’t real and I really hope you get a diagnosis soon but even if it is endometriosis you will get some relief by being more relaxed. I have suffered with a range of symptoms for around 15 years and like you my thoughts became dark, I would imagine I had all sorts of terrible diseases and was actually convinced that I must be dying because I felt so unwell. The brain is so powerful but you can challenge those bad thoughts. Every time you want to google a symptom, stop for a second and bring your attention back to something else like what’s on the television or what you are reading or look at the sky and notice the clouds. This all sounds a bit simple but you will become depressed about the discomfort and the depression will make you feel so much worse. I would cry because of the pain and in the end I felt like I was no longer myself, the feeling was unbearable and the doctors wouldn’t take me seriously. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis and it’s been removed 3 months ago. I feel so much healthier and happier. I still have to work on my mental state and I try to relax more but I am getting there. I hope that has helped a little and that you get the insurance you need to help with your diagnosis. Like tinkspink said only a diagnostic laparoscopy will determine whether you have Endometriosis or not. Sending you positive thoughts :-)

I completely understand the burning sensation you refer to... I get this across my entire bikini line, it feels like my uterus is tying to burn its way out of my body, I also have about 15 other symptoms one being health anxiety. I went from being very laid back about things to it must be the worst case scenario imaginable, this also started extending to others members of my family. If they felt unwell my mind would automatically think the worse. I had a laparoscopy last week after 18 months of various other tests such as an MRI, colonoscopy, endoscopy etc. They confirmed endometriosis behind my ovaries, my cervix, vaginal wall, rectum and pouch of Douglas.

If you think there’s a possibility you could have endometriosis start the process of being diagnosed, it can be slow and frustrating, but the process of elimination of other conditions will ease the health anxiety. Really try not to google symptoms, I banned myself from doing this after all my symptoms pointed towards ovarian, cervical or uterine cancer. Don’t ignore symptoms, log them so you relay them to your GP or gynaecologist but as you say it’s very easy to become consumed by them and become hyper aware of them, anxiety makes them much worse. Distract yourself with positive things and people and just know people on this group will always be here for you. This group has eased many a dark thought for me. I truly understand where you are coming from and remember anxiety is also a symptom for endometriosis, it’s certainly what triggered mine.

Big hugs xx

i have quite a lot to say as i have healed my own endometriosis with yoga and coffee enemas, i had such terrible endometriosis and PCOS to the point where i would always have to stay home because i would be constantly vomiting and struggling to keep fluids down. the pain was so intense, i’m happy to hear that you do yoga as that will help tremendously since that’s all endometriosis is caused by besides toxicity accumulating in the body (pinched nerve in the low back, lack of nerve supply*makes sense since my sacrum is in the opposite direction and i was told i have scoliosis by a chiropactor* i went to them for many months and didn’t see a difference, but after going to yoga twice a week for a month i can actually notice that my sacrum isn’t poking out as much anymore) i would absolutely love to tell you everything i learned to help me heal (diet,methods of detoxing and chelation, etc..), i’m rarely on social media, please contact me 832-410-1248 if you would like to talk and find out what things may help or don’t help you. i’ve had excruciatingly painful cycles since i was 11, so i understand how aggravating and confusing it all is when doctors still say that have no idea what causes endometriosis or PCOS. i really want to help you through this, reading what you’re dealing with makes everything i went through worth it because now maybe it will be something that you find useful along your healing journey . peace and love 💚

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